Groove Life Ring Review 3

Groove Life Ring Review


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– Kristin Phillips for Decidedly Equestrian

We all know jewelry in the barn is a big risk, not only do things get lost.. they get grungy, nasty and honestly down right dangerous. Safety is always important, and protecting your wedding band, engagement ring, or family heirloom is a big deal.

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The Groove Life ring has done all of those and then some. When they sent me a WHITE Groove Ring I literally laughed out loud. WHITE. But I put it to the test! Through the mud, grooming, feeding, riding, and a little blood it is still WHITE. It cleans with a little bit of dish soap or plain warm water. (I know it is totally black magic).

I have been very impressed with the durability and comfort. The day I put it on I honestly could not even feel it on my hand, it was not sticky, or give me that tight sensation I was thinking it would.

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The underside is vented, to prevent moisture and water from sitting underneath. The material is a silicone that is safe for wearing around the farm at work or play. It also comes with a handy tin carry case so if you are not wearing it, it stores safely.

The color choices are unlimited, and they come in men’s and women’s sizes for the whole family to enjoy!