Roeckl Madison Winter Gloves Review
9.3Overall Score

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I’ve been struggling along with some thin summer gloves during the winter for the last couple of winters after my last pair of winter gloves were not a success (too slippery).  I recently invested a bit more than normal into a pair of Roeckl Madison winter gloves and felt they deserved a review after just a month of use.

These very attractive, classic looking gloves are very comfortable.  They have a soft warm lining that keeps my hands warm on cold mornings and they do not overheat me as others I have tried in the past.  And unlike others similarly lined, when I take the gloves off, the lining stays where it’s supposed to…inside the glove.  They aren’t the most breathable, but that’s ok for winter.

Roeckl Madison Winter Gloves Review

The fit is comfortable and non-restrictive (the knit backing is stretchy) and the closure is easy to use.  The synthetic leather material of the palm gives great grip on the reins (and whip) and I have had no instances of slipping (even in rain) like I have with similar gloves in the past.

They are machine washable and have held up well to daily use and regular washing.  They still look brand new, so it’s clear the materials and construction are why the price is a bit high.  These are very well made.

Roeckl Madison Winter Gloves Review

They are touch screen sensitive, however this particular pair of gloves doesn’t work great with my phone for whatever reason.  That’s my only issue with them.

I have no comments on how durable they are yet, but I will add that if it becomes something to note in the future.

They are a beautiful pair of gloves and they’re perfect for winter!  I may need to get a regular pair of Madison gloves for the rest of the year!  You can purchase the Roeckl Madison Winter Gloves online here.

Roeckl Madison Winter Gloves Review