Equi In Style Cold Weather Tech Shirt Review
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Warming/Does what it claims10

Winter is here and that means I’ve swapped my sun shirts for something a bit heavier.  I have been loving my sun shirts sent by Equi In Style that I previously reviewed and I was thrilled they offered me the chance to try and to review their Cold Weather Tech Shirt this winter.

I have worn this shirt a lot already in just a few weeks.  It is super comfortable on its own and as a base layer on cooler days.  It has kept me warm and comfortable riding in the low 50’s without any additional coverage and in colder temperatures is really a wonderful base layer adding heat that most of my long sleeve shirts don’t.  It is a thick, but stretchy material that is soft against the skin (there’s an interesting soft waffle weave interior finish).  Like the sun shirts from Equi In Style, these also offer UPF 50 for that most needed sun protection (as our winter here in Northern California has so far been very sunny). Also like the sun shirts, the fabric is moisture-wicking and helps keep you warmer by pulling sweat away from your skin and insulating you to keep you toasty (and decidedly not-stinky).

EquiInStyle Cool Weather Tech Shirt Review

The material is made to help heat your body temperature up by 5 degrees and keep you warm while out in the cold.  I think it does a fabulous job of this and wouldn’t mind a few more of these in other colors.  As a Californian…I’m a weather wussy.  50 degrees is freezing cold…and for me to not wear a jacket in that temperature while wearing this shirt says a lot for it’s ability to keep you warm.  I have worn in in up to 67 degree weather and not felt overheated even when riding in a lesson (working my butt off of course).

The Cold Weather Tech Shirt is super easy to care for.  I throw it in the washing machine and lay it over a drying rack to dry.  It dries faster than most of my sun shirts if you can believe it.  I give it one little ding in that it’s not supposed to be dried in the dryer…but it does dry quite fast laid out as mentioned.  I’ve had no trouble with it at all and it looks brand new even after a number of wears and washes.  There are some super gorgeous color combinations this winter that you really shouldn’t miss out on!

The fit is similar to the sun shirts in that it’s a little boxy, but quite flattering (especially this particular shirt with the paneled sides.  The fit is quite comfortable and is unnoticeable when riding (in other words…not restrictive and perfect for sporting activities).  I like the way the cuff of this shirt fits better than the sun shirt thought I’m not sure it’s actually different.  It might just be the way the fabric lays.

At $86 a shirt, it’s a bit above my normal budget for a schooling shirt but the warming properties are well worth it in my opinion.  I love this one more than their sun shirts…and that’s saying something!

EquiInStyle Cool Weather Tech Shirt Review