Leovet Frog Medic Review

Leovet Frog Medic Review

Application Method

I’m always on the lookout for a better product.  It doesn’t mater what it is: leather cleaner, shampoo, first aid treatments…and thrush treatment.  I purchased FrogMedic from Leovet a couple of months ago when Spice was having a bit of a thrush problem and this is my review of that product after using it for a few months.

He has had an on again off again battle with heel cracks and since I started with him (and I’m sure long before that) and I’ve cured them and they’ve come back and now I’ve cured them again.  He likes to stand in water all winter…which is not good for anyone and if there’s anything a bit moist (pee, poop, spilled water trough) he’s in it.

Over the summer Spice’s soles started shedding, one foot more dramatically than the other and I was having trouble keeping those little cracks from getting thrushy.  I was using the thrush care product I had on hand, but evidently it wasn’t doing anything.  A bleeding foot (yeah it evidently got that bad) a few days before a show, emergency thrush treatment recommended from the farrier and hoof packing fixed the immediate problem, but the heel cracks were still there and the shedding continued to cause new crevices.

In comes FrogMedic.  Why did I pick this product randomly off the internet?  The application method.  If I can get my WD-40 in tiny spots to loosen things up…doesn’t it just make sense to use this application method on a horse’s foot?  I mean…you can literally put that thin red tube right up in the heel crack (or shedding bit cracks) and spray and really get it in there.  It’s a no-brainer.  Every thrush medication should come with an application bottle like this.  Maybe they’d work better.

So the bottle was awesome…but how did it work?  Since it was able to get deeply into cracks and crevices it actually had a shot of working and I found myself extremely pleased when the feet dried up and the heel cracks disappeared after a month of regular use.  I’m still using this product a couple of times a week and have had no signs of thrush since.

The bottle has lasted quite a while probably because I can use less since the application method is so exact.  It is a clear fluid, so it’s harder to see where you got all of it, but it isn’t that hard to see (and the pressurized bottle all but ensures even application).  Because it is under pressure, it does splash a bit some times and I splattered it into my eye not once…but twice now (which has not been pleasant).

Spice’s feet look great right now and I think a lot of that has to do with the Frog Medic.  I highly recommend this product if you’re dealing with an acute case of thrush, heel cracks, shedding soles or just for general foot care.