Rex Specs Review
9.3Overall Score

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– Kristin Phillips for Decidedly Equestrian

Axel, from our Canine Review Team, has been reviewing the Rex Specs at work and at play!

The Rex Specs are made to provide superior eye protection from trauma and the sun for your canine partner. With interchangeable lenses that all protect against UV rays, switching lenses is easy and a well thought option. The frames come in varying sizes, with TONS of fun color options, elastic straps and a solid buckle hold them in place with no limit in range of motion around the jaw line or muzzle.

Rex Specs Review

We started out slow, as the trainers at  Rex Specs have suggested. I was surprised how quickly Axel adapted to them, it took a few weeks to get used to the idea of eyewear. This is not an instant use product unless your dog is accustomed to eye wear. It does take some training and conditioning, but it pays off.

We had a day at the lake and Axel had eyes wide open patrolling his surroundings when otherwise he would have his head buried in a lap. Normally in the fields he runs with his head low, shielding his face from the brush. After the “specs” he was holding his head high, and had a better line of sight. Rex Specs Review

His performance had an obvious improvement, the vented frames did not fog up on the interior with climate changing, and he could safely SEE with no risk of eye injury.

For working dogs or dogs at play (or in Axel’s case both) Rex Specs are a durable, well designed form of eye wear to keep our canine co – pilots safe, comfortable, and happy!

You can buy the Rex Specs goggles online in these various sizes and colors (I included one link per size):