Equus Couture Stock Tie Review

Equus Couture Stock Tie Review

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A review about a stock tie?  What can I possibly have to say…well read on!

While I have a couple of stunningly beautiful stock ties already, the Equus Couture stocktie above came into my possession at the requirement of my trainer. After a 15 or so minute struggle to tie my tie at a show earlier this year (why I was all of a sudden struggling under stress…I don’t know), she said “Rachel…you HAVE to get a pre-tied stock tie. This is silly.”

She was right. It was. Why struggle through a tie when I’m in a hurry to get on my horse and stressed already?  It seems so obvious now… (that being said I have a couple of beautiful stock ties for sale…).

It took a few weeks of really looking around to see what was availible to make a decision. I am pretty picky. I don’t want anything shiny. I don’t want anything blingy. I don’t want anything all white. I don’t want anything boring. That knocked out A LOT of stock ties.

Equus Couture Stock Tie Review

I conveniently saw a post on Facebook from Equus Couture (my old favorite for browbands) advertising their stock ties and I thought…”Duh! Tiffany will have exactly what I want.”
My previous favorite stock tie was white with black polka dots. I loved that it was conservative…but also not. It would stand out, but not in a glaringly obvious way. I really wanted something simliar.

I asked Tiffany what she had after I looked through her website and picked out a few I was interested in. She suggested the white with black polka dotted one I ended up buying (she’s fabulous at reading her customer…).

Equus Couture Stock Tie Review

A purchase was made and within a few days my new stock tie had arrived. It was just as pretty as I hoped it would be!  The fabric is a stiffer cotton with raised fuzzy black dots. The ribbon detailing is super beautiful and I couldn’t wait to show in it.

Thankfully this stock tie solved the rush problem at shows and it was on in seconds (Velcro is the bomb!). It doesn’t stay as fluffy as my other ties, but I think that’s the particular fabric of the one I chose vs. what I had before. I have to adjust a bit before heading into the ring to make it look just right (even though sometimes I forget and no one really cares anyways…right?). If my stock tie is distracting from any bucks or contact problems, that’s not necessarily a bad thing anyways.

This tie has gotten a ton of compliments at the shows too, with one particular girl saying something about it every time I see her. I keep telling her “It’s Equus Couture. Go buy yourself one!”

Equus Couture Stock Tie Review

The fabric does wrinkle easily and the ribbon dye bled a bit after my first show wearing it (I guess my sweat?). It doesn’t seem to affect it being washed.  It’s not really noticable when I’m on the horse, so it’s not a huge problem.

I hand wash my stock tie in gentle cleanser in the sink and lay flat to dry after each show and fluff the top part up a bit so that it doen’t dry smushed.  It’s done great this way.

Buying a pre-tied stock tie was one of the best things I ever did for myself to reduce show day stress. Silly I know…but whatever helps! The extra style of the designs of Equus Couture are a big bonus. A stock tie from Equus Couture is sure to catch the eye of the judge, other riders and everyone else around. So if you want to feel a bit glamorous and stylish during your tests, check out the gazillion different options that Equus Couture offers. She’s got a style for everyone (except maybe the men…but I’m sure she could work something out there too). 😀