Corona Veterinary Liniment Review
8.5Overall Score

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Spice is an older horse in full work and still showing.  He’s 21 years old and still doing tempi changes, canter pirouettes, half passes and everything else you expect out of an I1 trained dressage horse.  With all that work, he’s sure to have a few aches and pains, and one of the things I use to keep him happy is Corona Veterinary Liniment.  This is my review of this must-have product.

Corona Veterinary Liniment is a combination of menthol, eucalyptus and other botanical oils.  The formulation stimulates circulation and helps to sooth aches and pains.  It is great for reducing soreness and stiffness in Spice’s aging muscles and joints, especially after a hard ride.  I like this product particularly because it’s not TOO much.  It’s a very gentle liniment and it doesn’t burn my skin or cause too much stimulation for Mr. Spicy (who is a very sensitive Thoroughbred after all).  He doesn’t need any cause for over-stimulation.  😉

Corona Veterinary Liniment Review

It has a slightly more lotion like feel (as opposed to a liquid), so it’s really easy to spread on without getting it all over the place.  It goes right where you want it.  It’s easy to massage in and as I mentioned before, it isn’t overly strong, so it won’t make you run to wash your hands mid-massage. It comes in a handy squeeze top bottle, which I prefer for this kind of product.   It is a great value for what you get as well.  It smells about like you think it would smell, which happens to be a smell I like.

I rub in and leave it on and it doesn’t attract dirt and get sticky like some other products I’ve used in the past, which I appreciate.  I use this after hard rides or on days that Spice seems extra sore.  I use this on large muscle areas, like the shoulder or hindquarter, and also around the joints of his legs (specifically his hocks).

I recommend Corona Veterinary Liniment if you’re looking for something gentle (but not too gentle) for after hard works to help your horse recover.  You can purchase it online here.