Corona Ointment Review
9.3Overall Score

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Corona Ointment has been around for over 100 years evidently.  That’s crazy.  Not much lasts that long…  It has been a barn staple at Champ’s barn for as long as I’ve been there but I have never gotten around to reviewing it (or even really using it) until recently.

What makes this product different is that it’s a lanolin based formula which means it’s thick and very moisturizing.  It’s great to put on scabs, fresh wounds and to soften up chestnuts.  The extra thick nature of this stuff means it doesn’t come off easily so what I put on today, I might still see tomorrow when I come back to the barn.  It provides a nice barrier to keep flies and dirt off wounds.  It’s mild, so it won’t irritate your skin or your pet’s.
Corona Ointment Review

Recently after receiving a tube of the Corona Ointment, Spice happened to get a pretty unpleasant bite from his naughty neighbor.  Perfect timing to try out this product and see what it could do.  The photos #1 and #2 are both from the first day.  #3 is two days after the bite.  #4 is 9 days after the bite.  #5 is at two weeks removed.  The hair completely filled in by week 3.  I was super impressed with the Corona Ointment‘s ability to protect and promote healing on this half dollar sized bite.  Especially in the middle of show season!  Corona kept the skin moist and didn’t allow a scab to form and because of that the skin and hair were able to bounce back quicker.

I’ve been using this on a new ouchy (Spice knocked himself in his hind heel bulb while being silly…and has repeatedly kept opening it up over the last month…and it got quite gnarly.  The ointment is helping to soften up the scab growth and with a protective wrap to keep him from doing it again, he should heal up very soon.  It is looking so much better already!

I also apply this daily to any pressure spots from sleeping or minor rubs to help promote healing.  I also apply it to his chestnuts to soften them up every few weeks.

If you’re looking for an all around barn ointment for minor wounds, burns, or irritated skin Corona Ointment does the job beautifully.  I highly recommend this product.  In fact my only complaint is that it’s hard to get off your skin once you apply it…which is great!  It’s doing it’s job of staying put quite well!