Equi In Style Cool Shirt Review
8.7Overall Score

Spoiler!  The Equi In Style Cool Shirts are my new favorite barn go to!  Did I give that away too soon?  Ah well… I love them so much I couldn’t wait to tell you!  Here’s my review of these great sun shirts!

Equi In Style Review

They are super comfortable, not to mention being extremely cute and flattering (especially the paneled shirt).  They are made in the USA (bonus!) and offer UV protection of UPF 50+ (super important for my fair Irish skin).  Speaking of Irish skin…the new Capri color is SO flattering on my fair complexion. It is my favorite shirt, hands down.Equi In Style Review

Back to the UV aspect…I have been wearing UV sleeves under my polo shirts for years to ward off future skin cancer (and of course the early aging signs the sun can bring on).  I was thrilled to realize that there was another option that was even more comfortable!Equi In Style Review

These shirts really perform.  I have worn them on cooler days and on some quite warm ones (up to 85 degrees).   They do well in both types of conditions, but really shine when it’s warm and you’re sweating.  They are lightweight, very breathable, and moisture wicking so working up a sweat isn’t so stifling!  Like other similar styled shirts they include a mesh under-sleeve which adds even more to the cooling aspect.  The science behind the fabric also helps to reduce skin temperatures by 5 degrees when it’s blazing out.  When you’re riding, the last thing you want is to be baking at the same time.  They really do help keep you cool under pressure (or while practicing your sitting trot…or riding out a few unexpected bronc bucks).  The fabric has anti-microbial properties that help to control odor (thank you!) so you don’t smell quite so bad on that stop to Walgreen’s after the barn…Equi In Style Review

The EIS Cool Shirts are easily washed in the washing machine and dry very quickly.   I’ve worn the crap out of these (and washed) and they are holding up well!  They do have a tendency to stain a little easily, which keeps them from being perfect.  They’re also just a hair on the pricey side, but well worth it.Equi In Style Review

I highly recommend the Cool Shirt from Equi In Style.  They’ll make you look good (and cool) in even the steamiest of situations!