Corona Detangle and Shine Review

Corona Detangler and Shine Review


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I’m always looking for something that does its job better than its competitors for a smaller price.  Value is always important to me.  I received a bottle of Corona Detangler and Shine to review and I cannot be more pleased with my results.

First and most important…this smells divine!  It’s a bit floral but also a bit manly.  I call it “Spice’s cologne” around the barn.  I just want to hug him and breath him in all day when I use this stuff.

Corona Detangle and Shine Review

It makes his coat soft and shiny, but not oily or slick.  I don’t apply to the saddle area as instructed, but I don’t find that it’s as slick as some other shine sprays (like Showsheen for instance). It helps reduce grooming time and repels dust and other gross things.  It sadly can’t repel urine when he decides to lay in it…but there’s nothing on earth that can do that.  It does make him smell so much better though and helps groom out anything encrusted in that pee stain really easily!  The spray bottle is actually one of my favorites I’ve used (I love the grip handle).

Where it does a really fine job is detangling.  It removes knots and tangles from mane and tail with ease and leaves the hair really soft and touchable.  The tail doesn’t feel all slimy and “product-y” like it can with many detanglers out there.  It feels natural and I don’t mind touching his tail after I use it.

One special extra this product adds is SPF protection for the coat.  I’ve been using it during our cloudy/rainy winter, so I don’t really have any comment now on its SPF protection qualities for preventing sun bleaching.

I think that Corona Detangler and Shine works as well if not better than equivalent products on the market at a bargain price (which makes it the best…).  I wish it came in a bulk size!  Once I finish my gallon of Showsheen…I’ll be switching to this.   I recommend you give it a try…if for no other reason than the extremely pleasant scent.