The Kirby Comb Review
9.2Overall Score
Ease of Use8.5

With shedding season well under way, I’m reaching for anything that will help get Spice’s coat off quicker.  We had a show on Sunday and it was almost 80 degrees…and he was drenched.  He’s still not dropped his entire coat, but it’s about 50% thinner than what it was in January.  I reviewed another shedding product a few weeks back, but I happened to run across a new one and made a quick purchase.  The Kirby Comb is very similar to a heavily marketed shedding product on the market right now at a very small fraction of the cost.  They’re both made of rubber, they’re both easy to clean, and they both shed out hair quite nicely.  I was dubious about the well known product…and not willing to invest that kind of money into one grooming tool that I wasn’t sure would work.  The Kirby Comb is just the right price to try.

The Kirby Comb Review

I have had really good luck with the Kirby Comb shedding out a ton of hair pretty easily.  I have used it on a number of horses ranging from a Haflinger, to TBs, to Welsh ponies.  It is really easy to use and pulls loose any hair that has released from the follicle with not a lot of effort.  It also pulls up dirt and dander up to the surface and breaks up caked on mud (from your horse being let out into his muddy paddock without a blanket on…).  It is a little harder to use thank stiff shed blocks and my hand does get tired when using it. The Kirby Comb Review

A secondary use is cleaning out water buckets.  It removes months…or years of stuck on water/algae goo.  It does take a little muscle, but when I finished working over Spice’s bucket…it looked brand new!  A quick hose of…and I went back to using it on the horses.  Much better than a brush.The Kirby Comb Review

I’m super happy with my Kirby Comb and recommend it to anyone.  To purchase you need to PM her through her Facebook page.