Forever Fork Review

The Forever Fork Review


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Lets’ talk about the “crappy” side of our equine life, literally.

Mucking stalls has never been the best part of being an equine enthusiast, but it’s a necessary activity we all have the pleasure of partaking in.

The Forever Fork makes it a little less painful!

Forever Fork Review

It is almost a “hybrid” fork, with the normal tines and head of a typical “picker” but it is deep in the center to give a basket feel for those stubborn turds..

The aluminum handle is both a blessing and a little bit of a nuisance. It is light, MUCH lighter actually, making each shake, rattle and roll not so heavy. Because let’s face it, when you have a pig of a horse in their stall (Ahem… Ely.) It makes the work a little more bearable.Forever Fork Review

The handle itself is comfortable in the warmer months, but in the winter or fall without gloves it adds a whole new layer of COLD to your already chilly barn chores. The shovel handle at the end has come in handier than I originally thought! Especially for those “everything must go” cleaning situations!

The company also offers engraving on the aluminum handle! Not only is it a super fun option but it also protects your investment from other boarders who may accidentally grab your fork over theirs. (We have all played musical forks in a boarding situation!)

It really is a durable addition to any barn. Negative temperature Ohio days, 1200 pound horse feet, ATV wheels and a slight mishap with the tractor have met its match! The Forever Fork really is FOREVER!