LIKIT Tongue Twister Review

Likit Tongue Twister Review

Does it Work

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I have seen the Likit toys around for years, but had never really considered one until I read some research done on this specific toy claiming that it can reduce cribbing by up to 27%.   Since Spice is a dedicated cribber, I thought that maybe the Likit Tongue Twister would help relieve the boredom and help him especially on days when he had to be shut in his stall due to weather.

LIKIT Tongue Twister Review

I don’t see Spice using this often (only once I caught him and he quickly stopped), but I know he’s using it because the Likits are disappearing (or at least some of them are) and the toy is often slobbery.  He does seem to be cribbing less lately, but that could be due to the weather…but it could also be due to this little device!  If it’s actually reducing the cribbing by 27% or not I don’t know, but I know that it is an extra option for him to help relieve any stress or stall boredom.LIKIT Tongue Twister Review

Spice has clear preferences on flavors.  He devoured the peppermint in just a couple of days (guess I should be buying more of that one!), he licks on the molasses one slowly, and he won’t touch the carrot or apple flavors.  Interestingly, I could only find one horse out of 8 that was interested in the carrot flavor.   I tasted it myself and didn’t see anything wrong with it (yup…I licked the Likit), so I’m not sure why that is.LIKIT Tongue Twister Review

My only issue with this toy is that once the cartridges are in, getting them out is pretty impossible if the Likit has not been licked away (at least for me).  The representative I spoke with was happy to give me tips on removing it (even sending a video and recommending tools), but I’m a special kind of person and struggled with it anyways.  Totally my bad… I’m not always the most coordinated with tools.  Once the Likits are empty or partially used, it’s easy to pull them out to replace them.  It’s just I can’t get that pesky Apple one out that Spice hates.LIKIT Tongue Twister Review

I definitely recommend this toy for stall bound horses that have some boredom issues.  It would work great for a young horse recently stalled as well.  For a horse that devours his food it probably won’t work to your advantage as you’ll have to replace the Likits constantly (and that can get expensive as they’re not cheap).  Be careful of sugar intake for horses sensitive to that as well, as some of the Likits are sugar based.

I’d love to hear if any of the Likit toys like the Likit Tongue Twister have worked for you and your horse!