Tottie Review

Tottie Clothing Review


In November we spotlighted one of our favorite “new” brands Tottie UK (new to the US based customers that is).  We were thrilled when we were sent the Queenswood Knee-Grip Breeches and the Maven Zip Polo to review and are equally happy to give your our thoughts on these products now.

Tottie Review

Queenswood Knee-Grip Breeches Charcoal

These breeches are an eye-catcher.  I’m generally not a “trendy” or “high-fashion” kind of rider and I get very few compliments on my daily clothing.  I tend to stick to traditional colored breeches and slightly more adventurous (in color at least) polo shirts.  These breeches have been a compliment magnet, from both riders and non-riders alike.  The a print on breeches is not a common site at a barn, and they feel more at home in a gym…but that’s why I like them.  They’re just so fresh.  I love the color combination of the blue and berry and they sure do look fantastic with my polished up dressage boots.Tottie Review

The cut of these is a little more old school but because of that a little more unique.  In today’s market, low or mid rise with a straight fit through the hips/thighs is pretty much the only thing you can find.  There are a few specialized outliers, but not many.  The Queenswood breeches are much higher waisted than you normally find today and cut very generously through the hip/thigh with a smaller waist, so they fit my proportions quite nicely.  They’re also long enough for them not to be a problem for my longer legs.  Because of the stretchiness of the fabric and cut, I probably could have easily sized down one from my normal size and been quite comfortable (in fact I wish I had now after many wears).Tottie Review

They have a silicone knee grip (which I love) and have a little stretch panel above both knees which makes them exceptionally comfortable in the saddle and well adapted to the athletic activity that riding horses can be.  They have a comfortable and flat elastic sock cuff which is becoming more standard (thank goodness) and a comfortable waistband.Tottie Review

A couple of things have kept these from being the best breeches in the history of the world (though they’re getting close).  With many wears and washes the fabric has definitely stretched, and it has started to pucker on the seams of the euroseat.  The fabric is a little thinner than I expected, but it adds to the comfort.  I’d love them more if they were a little thicker for structure and durability.Tottie Review

The stitching on the inner thigh area of the euroseat has started to come loose, but many pair of breeches have done that to me over the years including ever popular Tredsteps, Pipers, and Romfhs.  It seems to be something I do to breeches, and maybe it’s because I don’t have a thigh-gap.  Lol.  I have had pairs that did not do this, so perhaps it’s just weaker thread selections.Tottie Review

All in all I love these breeches and would love to try other styles of Tottie’s breeches in the future.


Maven Zip Polo

This item was one of those surprise reviews.   On first receiving and trying on, I wasn’t a fan of the fabric.  It wasn’t as stretchy as I expected and I thought it would bother me to ride.  A couple of months and tons of rides later, this is one of my favorite tops.  It has held up impeccably well.  It has been worn half a dozen times or so and washed as many, and it still looks brand new.  The reflective logos are still perfect (usually the first thing to go on athletic-wear).  The fabric has not shrunk, stretch, pilled or changed in any way.  My feelings on the fabric has reversed completely.Tottie Review

They styling and cut are quite athletic, and not very traditional.  There is a zip up collar, reflective logos, a ruched back panel on the neck, and very athletic seaming.  I could easily see this shirt in a high end athletic wear shop (but maybe in a stretchier fabric).   It’s not a shirt you’re going to wear to a show, but for schooling it is comfortable and stylish.  I’m a big fan of this top and wouldn’t mind having the purple one in my closet too!Tottie Review

If you like comfortable athletic-ware, are looking for something a little different, or just want to be comfortable you’ll love Tottie UK.  They’re working on US distribution right now and hopefully we’ll be able to easily acquire their products here soon!Tottie Review

Explore their other products here!  Shipping to the US is fairly expensive, but they will do it.  If an option doesn’t display for worldwide delivery (shipping costs vary), please email [email protected] if shipping for your country isn’t displayed and they will reply to anyone who wants to purchase from the US and get it arranged.