2016 Goal Wrap Up

Year End Goal Wrap Up

The end of the year is the time for both wrapping things up and projecting new things into the future.  Each year I like to take a look back at the goals I met and the goals I didn’t.  The ones that succeeded, I celebrate.  The ones that failed I like to analyze what went wrong and if my priorities changed.


As some of you know if you read this site…I changed horses and directions mid year, but still managed to show at Training level and 1st level at recognized shows and get acceptable scores.  My goal with Champ was to get as high of a score as possible…when I moved to Spice mid-year my goals switched to just getting the basic 60% and making it through on a new horse that has a lot more training than I do (and who was more horse than I’m used to).  Success.  One elimination and missing my last show due to illness put a little damper on finishing 1st level, but that’s OK!
Goals Met:
– Showed at Training Level with scores above 60%
– Showed at 1st Level with two score above 60%
– Improved my sitting trot and a fixed number of bad habits (though I still have more than I want to admit).
– Successfully moved to a new horse and bonded
– I learned how to say goodbye and move on when something was hindering, rather than helping my goals
Goals Missed:
– I did not finish 1st level (food poisoning sucks)
– I did not get Champ to show at 1st level

Decidedly Equestrian
Goals Met:
– Obtained 1,000 Facebook likes.
– Produced original content weekly.
– Attended a large scale event to photograph not in the state of California and continue shooting CA shows/events/races.
– Scheduled 2 or more real photography clients by the end of the year.
Goals Missed:
– Overhaul of DE Website (I admit this was a late in the year addition, and I just ran out of time.  It was never a doable goal in the time frame I had given it).

Other Work related items
Goals Met:
– Finished websites for several specific clients.
– Ended the year at the track with no horses on my list looking for homes (though there is still a day left for one to show up for this goal to fail… but I am going to call it a win).
Goals Missed:
– Finish my book (I didn’t touch it.  Priorities changed.  I still aim to finish this project, but need to carve out time somewhere).
– Sales goals for Patricia Borum (I decided earlier in the fall that this job no longer fit within my priorities and Patricia and I parted ways).

I failed at all personal goals this year and these were just straight up failures.  Not changes in priorities or running out of time.
– I did not do the 40 mile bike ride with my husband I had promised (between a knee issue over the summer, horse shows and a rainy fall/winter…this didn’t happen…).  Next Year!
– I did not take a vacation with my husband.  Not entirely my fault!  He was too busy.  Next year!
– I did not get fit and did not lose 20 lbs.  Totally my lazy fault.  What I lost early in the year I gained back and now am sitting where I was last winter at this time minus a couple of pounds.  This year it needs to happen.  I’m getting too old to keep blowing off my health.  More on this in my next blog.

It’s clear from reviewing my goals from 2016 that my priority was dressage and horses.   Decidedly Equestrian even suffers a bit from my blinkers-on attitude towards riding.  2017 needs to be a bit more about balance…while still achieving my riding goals.  I’m not a professional after all…so I shouldn’t be sacrificing everything else in the name of riding…right?

Now it’s your turn!  What was 2016 like for you?  What goals did you meet?  What goals did you not meet?  Which failed goals from 2016 really just weren’t that important to you?  Did you have your priorities right when you made those goals?  What can you do in 2017 to make your goals happen?  Are there any goals not met in 2016 that you want to meet in 2017?

Goodbye 2016.  Drive forward and look up!
– Rachel