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Sometimes you find a product that’s meant for one thing…that you use for something else.  For me Natural Release Muscle Wash is one of those.  I ran across this new product at Western States Horse Expo this year and bought a bottle with a mind to trying it on Champ’s back and reviewing it.  It never made it to the barn (though I probably should buy a bottle for the barn as well).  It was recently released, so getting my hands on another bottle has been tricky up until this month.  Because it is now becoming more widely available, I thought now would be the perfect time to review it!

Here’s a little bit more about my particular problem that led me to stealing this product from the injured Champ (I’m a bad lady…I know).  My shoulders don’t just have knots, they have “rocks” or “tumors” as my husband, personal trainer and past massage therapists have all said.  I carry 100% of my stress in that area, and anything that can help keep that area looser is better.  You can’t have nice contact for dressage with rock hard shoulder and back muscles after all.  I did a few test runs with Natural Release Muscle Wash on my own achy shoulders and noticed a difference right away.

I have used magnesium oil on myself before for muscle knots, but it always made my skin itch and burn and left an oily residue.  This product includes magnesium oil, but it does not affect me the same way.  No burning.  No itching.  No oily mess.  It does have a “dried salt water” feel on the skin with a bit of grab on the skin, but nothing that you feel like will make a mess on your clothes.  On top of the magnesium oil, it includes arnica and eucalyptus (bonus!).  It helps to release deep muscle knots and relieve soreness quickly.  It does not smell strong and overpowering (looking at you Tiger Balm).  It’s made with natural ingredients and has a pleasant, very faint herbal smell (not added, just a smell from the ingredients).

This product works really well for me and helps with my continuously knotted and tight shoulders (they’re not so bad any more).  I figure if this product works for me, it should work on the horses too.  I will be using this on Spice once we get a bottle for the barn.   I recommend Natural Release Muscle Wash for all of your sore, tired, strained or bruised muscle needs!