Mio Energy - Coffee Review

Mio Energy – Coffee! Review


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On long days at the barn I drink a lot of water…I mean A LOT.  Gallons it seems like.  I’ve tried Crystal Light, electrolyte power, varied liquid water flavors (Mio, Crystal Light, Wal Mart brand, etc.) to help me drink more water so that I keep hydrated and feeling myself on long hot days.  For years this has been working great.  Then something amazing happened:  Mio Energy…in coffee flavors!

Now I know you’re probably thinking “Ewwww…gross.  Fake coffee!”  You might be right.  You might hate this stuff if you are a coffee snob.  For me…this stuff is a game changer.  For early morning barn trips it gives me that little extra perk that I need to make it through a hard lesson or an early morning buck-fest.  Later in the afternoon, it helps fight that mid-day lull.  It’s great cold.  It’s great at room temp.  It’s even great after sitting in a bottle in your hot car for a few hours (it’s actually almost best this way).

It tastes pretty good; like a sweetened, flavored coffee drink (not like the best coffee you have ever had, but certainly not the worst).  It has hardly any calories in it (15 calories per serving), and it has caffeine and even a small amount of B Vitamins to help add a little spunk in your step.  It comes in a small, very portable bottle.  1 squirt per 8 oz seems to be perfect for me, though you are welcome to make it stronger if you like.

Mio Energy is my new barn water bottle go-to!  Love this stuff!