Hands On Grooming Gloves Review

HandsOn Grooming Gloves Review

Ease of Use
Spicy Approved
Ease of Use knocked a bit for being slow to dry after cleaning.

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I originally purchased the HandsOn Grooming Gloves for Champ as I thought he’d love them.  I used them a handful of times on him while he was out in pasture, and Champ approved.  However these quickly made it to my other tack box and became a daily use item for sensitive Mr. Spicy.  Spice is a Thoroughbred after all, and everyone that knows one also knows they have opinions.  Mr. Spicy is not a fan of most brushes or brushing in general.  REALLY soft brushes are okay.  Medium or hard brushes are NOT okay.  Currying is okay.  Hands On Grooming Gloves are “OMG the best things ever.”

Hands On Grooming Gloves Review

He LOVES these things and he loves them used just about anywhere…even his flank and girth area!  He displays his approval of this product every single day, both before and after our rides and I think he actually looks forward to grooming now as a few of his irritated habits are starting to disappear (unless I use a medium or hard brush…and he lets me know in no uncertain signs that he’s not happy).

HandOn Gloves are a glove with a rubberized palm with both small and large curry nibs.  They are easy to use (MUCH easier than traditional curry combs).  All you have to do is slip on the gloves and curry around everywhere.  There’s no dropping of the curry comb.  There’s no broken curry handles.  The smaller nibs on the fingers help you get into little spots to pull away dander or mud.Hands On Grooming Gloves Review

You can also use these wet to bathe (they’re great for the purpose).  I have done that once, but need to get a second pair namely because these babies take FOREVER to dry.  In their defense, I do live in the foggy SF Bay Area…so nothing ever dries this time of year when the fog is in.  The gloves are a thick and sturdy material, and I am going to imagine they will last for years.

Mr. Spicy highly recommends the HandsOn Grooming Glove for your favorite furry friend and Champ agrees!  I recommend them as well.   If you have been holding off purchasing, don’t wait any longer!  They are well worth your $25.   If you’re like me (have multiple horses or want a separate pair for bathing)…you may want to buy two or three pair.