Equestrianista Review

Equestrianista T-Shirt Review


With me, it usually goes “If it’s not for the horse, I’m not going to buy it.”  An exception? Enter Equestrianista.   Adorable horsey themed boutique clothing at reasonable prices!  Here’s my review.

Equestrianista Review

I was first introduced to them a few years back when they donated some product to raffle at an event for a non-profit Thoroughbred rescue I worked at.  They donated some cute totes and I was bummed not to win one of them.Equestrianista Review

It took a while, but I eventually ordered a few shirts.  I first ordered two, then I ordered another one because I loved the first two so much.   My first order included the Thoroughbred t-shirt and the “You can’t have just one!” t-shirt.  They came packaged together in a pretty ribbon with a hand written note and a cool sticker.Equestrianista Review

The designs of the first two shirts are on point.  The “You can’t have just one!” is a fabulous blue, had a fantastic design and the fabric is very soft.  The shirt is a flattering v-neck and a good length.  The Thoroughbred shirt has a great little nod to the founding of the US Jockey Club (which I think is AWESOME) and I love the wrap around design of the racehorse.  This fabric isn’t nearly as nice as the other and the shirt isn’t as flattering (more of a traditional t-shirt), but I love it anyways.  I happened to catch both of these on sale, so that made this purchase even more awesome.Equestrianista Review

My second order is a shirt you can still purchase on Equestrianista, the Dressage t-shirt (you might recognize it from my fluffy posts!).  This one also came cutely wrapped with a fun sticker (love that!).  This one also has become my favorite.  I love the very soft burn-out style fabric of the shirt and it is pretty flattering (though not as flattering as the v-neck is for me).  This one was regular price, but at $35, I thought it was worth every penny.Equestrianista Review

Equestrianista checked all the boxes for me.  They support horse non-profits, they have nice personal touches (stickers, notes and ribbons), their designs are adorable, the quality is good and the prices are reasonable.Equestrianista Review

If you have been holding off buying something from Equestrianista, I recommend you hold out no longer!