In the Studio: Patricia Borum

In the Studio: Patricia Borum

In the Studio: Patricia BorumIn the last few months we have taken a couple of trips out to Sacramento to visit one of our favorite equine artists Patricia Borum.  The trips had multiple goals, many of which had to do with helping her set up some marketing tools to go with her new website.  What started as work trips, turned quickly into an immersion into the studio life of Patricia and really fun afternoons.  This blog documents one of those trips.

In the Studio: Patricia Borum

She has an absolutely idyllic studio in her own back yard.  The light is spectacular and the space is perfect.  While our first couple of hours found us locked to our chairs in front of a computer, the rest of the day became a real treat.  Patricia was kind enough to give a quick tour of her studio and show of several pieces stored there.  She showed me her “students” work back in the storage area (she has a small group that comes out to “be taught” how to sculpt, however it’s really a get together of friends that chat over a glass of wine and some clay).In the Studio: Patricia Borum

She showed me a new wall sculpture she is working on and gave me a quick explanation on how she accomplished what she had on it so far.  I got a mini information session on how to patina, how she paints her beautiful sculptures and a bit of history on past big jobs.  I was also lucky to get a few tips on things she has planned for the future (but I’m not telling!).In the Studio: Patricia Borum

Patricia also showed me her new tool…her iPad Pro.  She’s been working on a lot of new digital pieces for scarves and other upcoming projects.  This device is new to her, but she’s quickly outpaced most computer savvy folks in her mastery of creating art on the thing.  She convinced me quickly that I need one of them as soon as possible.In the Studio: Patricia Borum

We also took a trip to downtown Sacramento to see the California Chrome exhibit at the California Museum which was a blast.  We both marveled over the trophies and the video loop of Chrome winning the Derby.  After returning to the studio, we sat down for a long chat over a glass or two of red wine and talked about her future plans, the long path that brought her to the place she is, and of course, most importantly horses.

If you are interested in learning more about Patricia or buying one of her varied pieces of art, you can visit her new website.   She really does have something for every budget.