Within a few days it became clear to me that the saddle just wasn’t fitting Champ as well as it should.  He was showing weird sweat patterns and the flocking in the front didn’t seem nearly as substantial as the red saddle’s had.  It started to slip and pinch his shoulder and I was lucky to force 2 fingers for clearance over the wither.  I sent photos to Robyn and she scheduled yet another appointment to come out and check the saddle (I’m sure she was quite annoyed with me by this time…three times out?).

The Saddle Saga: The One   The Saddle Saga: The One

Robyn came out yet again and was fairly happy with the fit still (even though it didn’t fit quite as well as the red one had).  She confirmed the tree was correctly adjusted.  A few minor flocking adjustments and the saddle  fit perfectly.  Robyn left with clearance to charge my credit card and handed me a Custom Saddlery hat right before she drove away.The Saddle Saga: Buyer's Remorse

I don’t wear hats often, but I’ve been wearing this one.  I am happy to help advertise for a company with such fabulous saddle fitters and such good customer service.  Thank you Custom Saddlery and Robyn!  Several months later and the saddle has really helped improve my riding (I’m no longer fighting against my saddle) and helped improve Champ’s movement and eliminated back tenderness.  We are happy customers!