DIY Reused Boot Doorstop

DE DIY: Reused Boot Doorstop

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Almost every horse rider has a pair of old boots they don’t use any more…be they Western or English tall boots.  I have a pair of oldies from my aunt that never quite fit me right…plus they don’t have zippers.  Who still rides in the evil zipper-less boots?  Not me!  What to do with those old boots?  Here’s what we have done with one of them.  This is one of the easiest do-it-yourself projects you’ll ever find.

What you need:

  1. 1 old boot
  2. Leather Cleaner or Polish
  3. Booti Boot Shapers (these come in different sizes)
  4. Rocks (yup…rocks).
  5. Some faux flowers that match your decor or in this case hint at blue ribbons.  I got mine at Micheal’s.
  6. Wire cutters

DIY in seven easy steps:

  1.  Clean and polish your old boots (or leave them dirty for a rustic look)DIY Reused Boot Doorstop
  2.  Tilt the toe pointing down and fill your boot toe with rocks (we used smooth ones so not to damage the leather).
  3.  Roll up your Booti Boot Shaper and slide it in the leg of the boot with the toe still pointed down (to keep the rocks in place).
  4. One the boot shaper is in place, fill the center of the boot shaper with a few rocks on the heel of the boot to add more weight and keep the weight balanced.DIY Reused Boot Doorstop
  5. Trim excess length off of faux flowers with wire cutter (this can be harder than you think with thick stems).  Make sure you don’t cut flowers all the same length or they will look funny.
  6. Stagger lengths of flower stems and arrange for just the right look.DIY Reused Boot Doorstop
  7. Use your new door stop or find spot in your home that needs a little equestrian flair.

Enjoy and have fun!  Use your second boot to make another one…or gift to a friend.