Booti Boot Shapers Review

Bootie Boot Shaper Review

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Boot trees are a bit of a bother for me.  The traditional style ones are big and take up a lot of space (which I don’t have) and can be pricey, but work pretty well.  The inflatable kind work okay…but don’t give nearly as much support as I would like, plus they don’t allow the boot to breathe…stinky.

I recently walked into my closet to see not 2, not 5, but 9 different pairs of boots in major need of some support (yes…I have too many pairs of boots and I have since sold one pair and used one pair for a DIY project).  Three pair of tall boots, 1 pair of “country” boots, 1 taller western boot, 1 pair of rubber rain boots and three “style” boots all sitting their in various states of floppy ankles.  A couple of pair of my “style” boots had the legs literally wrapped around the foot bed for storage.  Not a good way to keep the boots in good repair.   The inflatable trees I had in a couple of them were not doing much good and the traditional boot trees took up a lot of room, but also were too expensive to just go out and buy for so many pairs of boots.  I needed a solution that wasn’t going to break the bank.Booti Boot Shapers Review


Enter Booti Boot Shapers (discovered on Amazon).  These genius…but oh so simple pieces of plastic can be rolled and inserted into boot legs and expand to keep just the right amount of pressure to keep the boots standing tall.  If they start to lose their support, you just take them out…roll them the other direction and put them back in.  Simple!

Booti Boot Shapers Review   Booti Boot Shapers Review

They leave a nice open space down the calf of the boot to give the boots plenty of breathing room (no more stinky boots).  They are easily stash-able when not in use as they are just big flat pieces of plastic…you can slide them basically anywhere.  If they get dirty…hose them off.  If you lose one or break one somehow…they’re cheap to replace!  You can get a package of 4 pairs for around $20.

I love these, and I think you will too.  You can purchase these in various colors and sizes here.