A Horse Box Review

A Horse Box Review Dec 2015 – Feb 2016


This week I am happy to bring you another installment of our reviews of A Horse Box!  Lucky for our readers, this time there is a giveaway involved!  One lucky reader will receive the March 2016 Box (which is also their anniversary box)!

These three boxes are a bit of a downgrade in terms of value over the last reviewed boxes.  It seems that A Horse Box is trying to find a balance with their new pricing and the value of the boxes the values of the last three boxes I reviewed were out of this world ridiculous.  On the major plus side, the products in this batch were pretty great.

A Horse Box December 2015

December 2015 A Horse Box (total value $47.92)
Farnam Leather New Foam 7 fl oz $6.99
Biogroom Quick Clean Waterless Shampoo Sample $2.00
Absorbine Fungasol Ointment 13 oz. $12.95
Bitten Bit Warmer $14.99
Nicker Bait Cookie Mix $5.99
GumBits Sample $2
First Companion Pork Ear $3.00

For December my favorite product actually was several…the Bitten Bit Warmer, the GumBits, and the Nicker Bait Cookie Mix were all awesome.  My husband had a bit of a melt down when he realized the yummy smells coming from the kitchen didn’t mean cookies for him…but cookies for Champ.  Hilarious (but they did smell AMAZING baking in the oven).  The Bitten Bit Warmer (though it did not come with the warming packs) has become a regularly used item (I store my bridle with this on my bit as well to help keep the chill and damp off).  It is a handy product to have and I cannot imagine not using it now.  I was super excited about the Gumbits until someone snatched them out of my tack box at the barn (a kid looking for a snack maybe…I don’t know).  Thankfully the folks at A Horse Box were kind enough to send us some more in our February box.  I have to admit I tried one before giving any to Champ to see what it was (I always taste things before I put them in his mouth…weird…I know).

Is it weird that I love the smell of the Absorbine Fungasol Ointment?  I haven’t used it and hopefully never have to on Champ, but I just love the way this stuff smells.  I need to find a horse with a fungal problem so I can use this.  Or maybe I should just keep it in my tack box just in case…and smell it randomly when I get the desire.

The Farnam Leather New Foam is something I will use, but I’m not sure I’m excited about it.  Any regular reader of this blog knows how obsessed I am with leather cleaning products, so I will be sampling this one out and sharing my thoughts.  I’m interested by the “foam” application.  We shall see if it does anything different other than just having a fancier application bottle.

I have received the Biogroom Quick Clean Waterless Shampoo sample before and I liked it OK.  The pork ear dog treat was a bit weird…I admit.  I had to give it to a random person at the barn that was willing to actually feed it to their dog (I have no dog).   I did love the variety of products in this box.  It was one of my favorite boxes ever (even if it was a bit under the “most valuable” boxes in the past).

A Horse Box January 2016

January 2015 A Horse Box (total value $38.93)
Absorbine Hooflex Therapeutic Conditioner Ointment 25oz. $17.99
Absorbine Hooflex Thrush Remedy 12floz. $12.95
IverCare Single Dose $5.99
Cowgirl’s Kitchen Mustang Mints (2 cookies) $2.00

This box was a bit of a let down just in number of products (4 items somehow just isn’t as exciting as six or 7).  Granted…both the Absorbine Hooflex products were HUGE (full sized) and the Ivercare was a full size dose as well.  We already use the Absorbine Hooflex Thrush Remedy at my lesson barn after Farnam stopped making the Horseshoer’s Secret spray (sadness)…so that’s going in my stockpile for when I run out of my current bottle.  IverCare was put in my stockpile for when I need to worm next.   The Cowgirl’s Kitchen cookies are delicious (I took a little nibble out of one before feeding it to Champ).  He loved them…but not as much as the fresh baked cookies from the December Box.

I haven’t quite decided what to do with the Absorbine Hooflex Therapeutic Conditioner Ointment.  I love the Absorbine Hooflext Thrush Remedy…but I don’t know if I really need this product.  I almost don’t want to use it.  Champ’s feet are a masterpiece all on their own (my farrier says he has the hardest, nicest feet he’s seen in a while…and that it comes from his Morgan side) and he’s never had shoes a day in his life.   I’m afraid to actually put anything on his feet in risk that it might throw his perfect balance off…is that silly?  I may need to find a home for this.

A Horse Box February 2016

February 2015 A Horse Box (total value $47.91)
Farnam Laser Sheen Detangler 12 oz $11.99
Farnam Slick ‘n Easy Grooming Block $3.95
Select The Best HylaLUBE 16floz $19.97
Banixx Samples total 4floz $8.00
Horse Health Products 1 Step Leather Cleaner and Conditioner sample $2.00
Cowgirl’s Kitchen Cassino’s Kisses (2 cookies) $2.00

I have to admit I was pretty excited about this box.  The only thing in it that I wasn’t over the moon thrilled about was the Banixx (but that’s because I already have some…and thankfully don’t use it often).

More leather cleaner!  I’m excited to try the Horse Health Products 1 Step…though I haven’t been thrilled with other previous 1-Step leather cleaning type products.  This one could be different…and is a much different texture.  The Farnam Slick ‘n Easy Grooming Block couldn’t come at a better time as all the horses are letting go of their winter coats in a rush with the stupidly warm temperatures.  I have used Laser Sheen Spray before, but never the Detangler.  I’m excited to try this out and it seems a lot different than your typical detangler in texture.

I’m not exactly sure how to give the Select The Best HylaLUBE, but I’m excited to try it.  It certainly cannot hurt and I hope with such a large bottle that I will see some changes in Champ.  It is a weird gel texture.  I’m wondering if Champ will eat if I mix it in his grain rations?  There are also more Cowgirl’s Kitchen cookies for Champ, so he’s happy.  February’s mix of products was great.  Well balanced and filled with exciting products I want to try.

I cannot recommend A Horse Box enough if you have a large barn, multiple horses, work for a rescue organization, or just like getting fun things in the mail.  If you have a single horse…or if your couple of horses don’t have a lot of issues, sometimes you will get products that you just never use.  It’s also a bit hard to use up all of the products as quickly as you get new ones…so be aware that if you have a subscription and you have one horse…you may struggle with tack room space at times and need to give products away.  The solution of course is to buy another couple of horses.

To purchase A Horse Box, you can go to their website here.  Please also visit them on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with other giveaways and hints for upcoming boxes.


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