Tarot and the Fox Review

Company Spotlight: The Fox and The Tarot

I was introduced to Nina Fox by one of my friends, fellow equestrian, and fantastic artist Anna Rockwell.  Anna asked if I would be willing to be a test reading for one of her friends that wanted to start doing readings for horses/riders.  I had to say yes of course!

Fast forward a few weeks and I have gotten two readings from Nina.  Usually she doesn’t recommend readings so close together, however she was curious to see what the major changes occurring for us would show in the cards after a few weeks of adjustments.


Her readings for horses include 7 cards.
Leg Cards (4) – movement.

Saddle Card – relationship between the rider and horse. 
Neck Card – communication between horse and rider.
Head Card – the horse’s current head space.

Nina knew nothing about Champ prior to the reading other than I gave her his name just as she was about to shuffle the deck.  During my first reading, Nina saw that Champ’s back hurt.  She could not read our relationship because the saddle card was literally swords stabbing down into his spine.  She also saw he had a weaker left side and was currently healing on his hind left.  She said he had something a little mentally off to the left and was more spooky that way.  There was nothing remarkable on the right.  

The Neck card indicated that our communication wasn’t consistent, and that could be because of horse’s emotional head space or pain.  The Head card indicated that Champ is emotional, loses focus easily and needs to be convinced to work.  She also said it means he likes to be groomed and petted more than anything else and that it was hard for him to work through being traumatized.

The whole reading was spot on.

Tarot and the Fox Review

Fast forward several weeks and we did another reading, to see if riding in the new saddle would change the reading much.  The Saddle card indicated something new (how about that?).  The Neck card indicated that the communication was better, stronger, stable and more grounded than before.  The right legs were now very strong.  The left legs were still weaker than the right and had some issues to work out, but that they had improved.  

The biggest change was the Head card.  Champ’s head space had changed for the worse.  His foundation is still strong and there to build on, but the tower has cracks and needs to be torn down and rebuilt.  He’s currently trying to figure it all out and he’s getting stronger, but he’s not happy about it.  She suggested we go back to basics and start over (and that was a positive chance to change some of the things that weren’t perfect to begin with).   She pulled an extra couple of cards and discovered that what was causing the issue was going back to the lessons and structure of work after rehab. Having to work again was upsetting him and he was fighting it.  (Truly enough, Champ has been very difficult to work with in the last few weeks and he’s been a different…and very resistant horse in the arena).  While not a good thing to be dealing with, at least I know what we need to work on now.

Spot on again.

The friends I recommended to Nina were equally impressed with their readings.  Nina has a clear talent for reading the cards and she provides information you already know (but sometimes want to deny) or reveal issues you might not be aware of.  Knowing these things help to see where you are and where you need to go next.  I highly recommend you give her a try.  It certainly cannot hurt!

Here’s my interview with Nina:

How long have you been doing tarot readings and how did you get into it?

I have been studying tarot since 1987 and doing readings professionally since 1992.

I have always had a balance of science and spirituality. In college I dual majored in zoology and religion focusing eastern philosophies. So I was learning about a wide variety of spiritual practices and philosophies and how similar main themes run through them. Then a weird synchronicity in college jobs I started cleaning house for a psychic and she introduced me to the tarot and how to read the cards. And then in the study of them I saw how similar they were to other spiritual symbols.  And I started to read for friends and found I had a knack for them.


What made you decide to start doing readings for equestrians?

First let me say, I believe that the relationships between horses and people are amazingly unique and challenging. There are few species of animals that will let another animal ride on their back.  I believe, when done well, this creates a deep sense of trust and feelings that few species share. And secondly to create trust, I think we need understanding, and well horses just don’t speak human well.  So the reading evolve to help in the conversation between the horse and their rider/companion.

How the reading evolved- For the past 18 years I have been reading for my friend, Anne N. Rockwell, about her horses within her own personal yearly tarot reading.  And about 3 years ago she was buying a new horse and we came up with The Horsey Reading to help her pick between two horses she was looking at.  And then we started using it for her horse from then on.  So this January I read for her and she suggested to me that I should provide it as one of my readings. Two days later I got a client out of the blue that was also a equestrian and she ask if I could read a couple of her horses.  So I felt that was kind of the universe nudging me to offer this to a wider audience.


What types of readings do you offer for horses and their riders?

For the horse and rider/companion I have the Horsey Reading. The reading focuses on your horse, you and your relationship.  Things that come up are physical weaknesses and strengths with your horse, your working relationship with your horse, and your horse’s head space that either is helping or hindering your relationship.

For the riders I have The Astrological Reading.  It is a twelve card tarot spread that gives a thorough representation of the influences in your life with in a 6 to 12 month time period. I recommend this reading for New Years, major transitions and birthdays. Note: This does not correlate with astrological readings in your life, but gives me an idea of what part of your life we are reading about.

The Six Card Reading is a tarot spread that is good for advice around a particular question that has two components in your life. For example,  I recommend this reading to people when they are figuring out where to move between two locations, a choice between two jobs, two ideas or two people.

The Celtic Cross Reading is a common tarot spread that is good for advice around a particular question or decision in your life. My readings vary slightly from the traditional Celtic Cross reading.  I have added a card that lies under the bridge/obstacle card. And  since most of my readers want to know more about how that decision will affect their future, I have added four cards to the future card at the end of the reading.

Pull the Trigger Reading or One Card Reading- I recommend this for yes or no questions like “Should I move to New York in a month?”, or as a quick draw like “What is the most important thing I should know about this situation.”


What are the challenges involved when trying to do a reading for an animal vs. a human?

Ha, well, I can personally stand in a person’s “shoes” where as  horse’s shoes are a bit more difficult. But seriously, the big thing was card meanings and their relationship to horses.   I know what meanings are behind the tarot cards and their combinations for people from years of practice.  And I had a feeling that the tarot meanings for horses would be a bit different.  So I did some guinea pig readings to work out the kinks. And I found that some of the cards did differ in meaning for me.  For instance, the Higher Arcane cards for people are your soul’s journey;  they seem to be about either the horse and rider/companion’s relationship or a physical strength or weakness in a horse and not the horse’s karmic journey.


How often should a human or animal get a reading for most benefit?

I usually recommend at least 6 months to a year between most of my readings.  The thing is that either you or your horse or the situation takes time to play out what is going on in the reading. Let’s even put some science behind it.  They have found out that it takes at least 66 days to approximately 260 days to change or start a habit depending on the person and the habit.  And my ethics and belief system are centered around choice.  So my tarot readings goals are centered around how I can help people and now hopefully horses navigate life’s choices to get the best possible outcome.


Where can people learn more about you and purchase a reading

To learn more about me and purchase readings you can go to my website or my Etsy site.   My free weekly tarotcast is available on Facebook.  You can also reach me at [email protected].