Getting Unfluffy

Getting Un-fluffy

Last month I shared with all of you my recent downward spiral into the food gobbling, exercise avoiding abyss.   I’m here to tell you that working hard gets you where you want to go (even if it is brutal).

In the last month or so since that first blog, I have been working hard. That has paid off in the loss of just under 12lbs!  I’m sure some of that was water weight…but some wasn’t! What have I been doing?

  • I joined the We3Equines Fit Rider Challenge to keep accountable.  It was an awesome experience!
  • Hitting the gym 3 days a week with weight and cardio ever session.  One of those days each week has been with a personal trainer.
  • Eating well and low calorie.  I have been counting calories using the Livestrong MyPlate program and was consuming less than 1250 calories a day (except for the days I went to the gym where I ate more to make up for gym lost calories).
  • I kept riding 6 days a week.
  • I did not start cycling again (my bike is still broken).
  • I drank plenty of water and green tea and made sure that I got a good amount of sleep every night (I usually do anyways).

I still have a long way to go to get down to where I was last summer (another 10 lbs), and even longer to go to reach my real goal I never reached last year.

What has this experience given me other than a lighter step? Most importantly I feel stronger.  I have been much more demanding of Champ in our rides especially when trying to improve the canter…because now I can again (he’s not particularly happy about this).  I’m not getting tired as quickly when I have to really engage my core to get him to use himself better (though I still do).  I can ride for longer without losing my own form.  I cannot wait to see where I am in a couple more months!

If you’re on your own fitness journey, I’d love to hear about it and help cheer you on!