Asmar Popover Jacket Review

Asmar Popover Jacket Review


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Every winter I usually buy a new barn jacket/coat.  It’s not that I ever get rid of the old ones…it’s just that they get so ratty I feel I need a new one.  The older I get the wussier I get as well…and the jackets tend to layer up and up and up until I look 40lbs heavier than I am (right now I’m wearing a long sleeve t-shirt, puffy vest, soft shell jacket, and a thin water proof jacket on top).  If you need to laugh a bit remember I live in Northern California, and the coldest it has gotten all winter is in the high twenties/low 30’s in the middle of the night.  The average temperature for riding time is around 50 degrees (with some hotter and some cooler days).  Do I need all these jackets?  No.  Can I live without them while standing around and not moving much…not really.Asmar Popover Jacket Review

In comes the Asmar Popover Jacket.  This thing is adorable, looked super warm and I had to have it!  Lucky for me it was on sale.  Unlucky for you…it’s now sold out on their website…though you can pick it up a few other places still (however I recommend any of their jackets).

I bought this with the intention of wearing it to the barn…but it never got there (and likely never will).

Asmar Popover Jacket Review

First came my holiday trip to Arkansas where the weather was supposed to go from 70 degrees for a few days, to 25 degrees.  Instead of taking my giant wool coat like normal, I looked at the Popover Jacket and thought, “That will pack much lighter…and will probably be just as warm.”  In the suitcase it went.  It performed quite well in both slightly warmer temps (50’s) and lower temps (20’s – 30’s).  I was snugly, warm and quite happy.  It also made a nice impromptu pillow.

The jacket material is comfortable and chic (as chic as a puffy jacket will ever be).  The design is as flattering as a puffer can be and I love all the design details (like the metal Asmar tag on the sleeve, the quilting patterns, the sleeve length and the cute hood).  The hood doesn’t look quite as attractive up as it does down, but it does give an extra layer of warmth and is a bit like a built in scarf.   It also does its duty as when trying to keep light rain/sleet/snow off your face.

Asmar Popover Jacket Review


This has become my “it’s lower than 52 degree” coat.  My wool coat has found a permanent spot hanging in my closet.  The Popover jacket is just as warm, but not nearly as heavy or bulky and I don’t see it ever losing favor.

This jacket now joins our short list of “must wear” favorites for winter.  Snatch it up while you can!

– This product is no longer available but there are similar gorgeous items from Asmar Equestrian available now!