Almond Cream Leather Care Review

Officinalis Almond Cream Leather Care Review


Guess what!  Leather care again.

This time it’s Officinalis Almond Cream Leather Care.  I received this product in the mail after writing in about my Mountain Horse Serengeti Paddock boots (they arrived with toe caps two different tones of brown).   The distributor sent me this product saying that after applying it a few times, the color would even out.Almond Cream Leather Care Review

Almond Cream Leather Care Review

This super rich creamy product does a nice job keeping leather soft, shiny and supple (and it makes my hands pretty soft too).  It did darken up my mismatched boots a little and made them look much better (however it didn’t magically fix the problem 100%).  It is a lovely leather treatment that does it’s job well.  It has a sweet almond smell which may be a bit strong for some people.  The shine does wear off quickly and I think it is because it is soaking in better than other leather balms I have tried.  It’s a good product and I do recommend it if you’re looking for something to soften up your boots or other stiff leather!