Leather Honey Review
3.1Overall Score
Ease of Use4
Cleaning Power8
Strips Leather Dye0

It has become abundantly clear that I am dead set on reviewing every leather cleaning and conditioning product on the planet (or at least it feels that way).   Why?  I have a lot of leather…and clean a lot of leather.  Why use the same thing every time?  I will one day discover the perfect leather cleaning routine, but I haven’t gotten there yet.  This week I’m reviewing Leather Honey Leather Cleaner.

I received this sample bottle in a box from A Horse Box.  On first impression…this stuff doesn’t smell very nice.  That automatically puts it in our “will likely not buy again” category.  It smells very much like strong chemicals.  No “honey” smell here.

The good news… this stuff strips away dirt pretty well.  The bad news…it also strips away dye.

This product is a little less easy to use than most as it’s a concentrate.  You must measure out the allotted amount and mix it up before use.  It is a water texture and harder to clean with because of this, but it’s very pretty and sparkly all mixed up in a bowl.  (I’m a sucker for sparkles…even when its unnecessary).

Leather Honey Review   Leather Honey Review

I didn’t get my paddock boots 100% clean with this as I started to freak out a bit when seeing the color start to leech out onto the sponge.  I laid off the cleaning and rinsed off the soap.  It did get my western boots quite sparkling clean however.   Both boots were salvageable after this color stripping with a little bit of conditioner (the paddock boots were old anyways and it’s not a huge deal they be perfectly black anymore).Leather Honey Review   Leather Honey Review

You can see in the photos above the amount of color striping it did on the black paddock boots…BAD!  It also stripped a little color from my beautiful western boots as well (which I was unhappy about as these had been in beautiful condition before).  I would never use this product on something nice or expensive (like a brand new dressage saddle or show boots) and will be tossing the rest of the bottle.  I just wouldn’t trust it not to strip the color.

I don’t usually post reviews of products I don’t like…but this product sits in my “danger” category and I felt the need to share my poor experience with it so no one else ends up with ruined leather goods from using it.  There are a lot better cleaners out there!