Riding Ready Plan

The goal of my plan to “de-fluff” isn’t really to get thin.  Your goal shouldn’t be either.  Getting as fit as I can for the sake of my horse is the real goal.  It is evident that the fitter you are, the better able to carry your own weight you will be.  Your core has to be strong, and not only strong…but it needs to have great endurance.  This plan is based around getting fit the good old fashioned way…exercise!  Thankfully our friends over at We3Equines are offering a wonderful Fit Rider Challenge just in time!

Forget any “food elimination” diets.  I’ll be eating anything and everything (just with an eye towards portions).  Do I want an ice cream sandwich today?  If I do…I need to cut those calories out from elsewhere.  There is no diet more simple than cutting calories and getting exercise.

In this plan, I am not including any riding as exercise when it comes to calories.  Why you might ask?  Because it’s no different than what I already do, and it is not helping me get more fit.  It is helping me stay a “just enough” fit.  Everyone’s body is different and will respond differently to various exercises and diet models, so I’m going to stick with what works for me.

This is what my plan looks like.

  • Joined the We3Equines Fit Rider Challenge (lose 4% in 4 weeks).  (Why don’t you join with me?)
  • Workout Plan:
    Sunday:  No riding.  Cycling when bike is fixed and weather improves.
    Monday: Riding.  Gym (routine #1)
    Tuesday: Riding.  No gym.
    Wednesday: Riding.  Gym (routine #2)
    Thursday: Riding.  No gym.
    Friday: Riding.  Gym (routine #3)
    Saturday: Riding.  No gym.
  • Base calories per day 1200 for the first month or so (a loss of around 2lbs a week).  Yes that’s very little, however it will help my body get a jump start as well as force my body to expect more calories.  The worst struggle for me is to feel hungry.  Tapering my calories down slowly has never worked for me in that regard.
  • Any calories used up at the gym or cycling will be added back into the day.  For instance, If I do 20 mile bike ride and burn 700 calories, that day I can eat 1900 total calories.  Another example: If I burn 275 calories at the gym, I will add an additional 275 calories to my count for the day (1475 total allowed for the day).  The goal isn’t to starve and make myself weak.  The goal is to provide my body enough calories to get through what I’m asking it to do for the day while burning more than I eat.  As mentioned before, any calories burned riding are going to be assumed part of a normal day and I will not add additional calories for those rides unless I start to find my energy struggling.
  • While I did mention that I wouldn’t eliminate foods (if I want pizza, I’ll find a way to eat it), I am paying attention to what I’m eating.  You can eat a lot more veggies than you can cake for the same amount of calories.  My meals will be based around vegetarian/almost vegetarian dishes and I will be trying super hard to not consume sugar that isn’t from fruit or in chocolate (giving up chocolate is impossible).

What kind of plans work for you to get fit and lose weight?  If you need a challenge to get you started, join me doing the We3Equines Fit Rider Challenge.