Goode Rider Cable Cardigan Review

Goode Rider Cable Cardigan Review


I tend to wear clothes to death.  For example, I had this old grey grandpa style sweater that my mother bought me back in high school (yeah…that was a long time ago) that I still found myself wearing last winter.  The sweater was disgusting.  The yarn had been worn thin from hard use, it was piling all over, and it was such an unattractive shape after all the years of abuse, however I still wore it.  It was just too comfortable to let go of.

After a comment from my mother…”You still have that nasty thing?” I decided it was time to take action to replace the sacred sweater.  This is of course harder than you might think.

I wanted something warm and soft.  It needed to be grey.  It needed to be attractive.  It needed to be classic so that it could last through a few years.  It needed to be of reasonably good quality for the same reasons.

I shopped everywhere.  Kohls, Macy’s, Nordstrom, JCPenny, H&M, Banana Republic…you name it I looked.  I just couldn’t find what I wanted.

Then came a timely email from Goode Rider with a free shipping code.

Because I can be a bit thrifty, I headed to the sale section first.  I saw a bunch of things I didn’t want.  Then I saw the sweater.

Goode Rider Cable Cardigan Review   Goode Rider Cable Cardigan Review

Ding!  With a few clicks it was purchased.  In a few days, it was here.

I was very impressed with the lovely wool/nylon/cashmere blend yarn used.  Super cozy!  I thought the double breasted design was adorable and loved the cable design (especially on the back).

I threw away “high school sweater” and put this in its place in the closet.

It’s not quite as flattering on as I’d hoped it would be (I ordered a size too large), but it does look better than “old high school sweater” and it is my new go-to when the weather turns a little chilly!