Synergy Stone Massage Stone Review

Synergy Stone Massage Review


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I happened to stumble across this nifty tool while browsing Pike’s Place Market in Seattle one day this summer.  After a quick demo I was sold.  My household is fairly active and there’s always a knot or soreness to massage out of someone’s shoulder, leg or arm.  I quickly purchased the Synergy Stone Blissful and it found its way into my routine.

This rock (it is essentially just a large shaped stone with a thick layer of paint/lacquer to make it smooth), is super easy to use.  Pop it in the microwave until it is as hot as you want it (be careful, it’s easy to get too hot and burn yourself).  Usually 30 second increments will do.  Once the rock is an appropriate temperature, either hand it off to some else to do the massaging, or use it yourself.  I like to lay on it on the floor to hit trigger points on my back and shoulders.

It is fantastic after a long day at the barn, a particularly hard ride or soreness from overdoing it at the gym.  It’s also great for relieving any tension in the body (my shoulders are always bound up and this really helps to keep them more limber).  A little oil will help it slide over the skin very smoothly if you are massaging large areas.

Another great use of the Synergy Stone?  A mini space heater.  On cold days, I warm this sucker up and put it under my blanket while sitting on the couch or I rest my feet and hands on it to soak up the warmth.  I think they are missing a market by not having pocket sized versions to warm up and carry around (though the heat doesn’t last as long as Hot Hands).

When I travel, I always take it.  Be warned however that if you carry it on, TSA will look through your bag and will think you are crazy for carrying a rock on a plane (none have ever threatened to take it away however, but the bag always gets searched).

This stone can also be used to massage your pets (however be careful, it is heavy…the last thing you want to do is drop it on your dog or horse).  Also be aware of the temperature and the pressure you use to ensure that the experience is pleasurable for your animals.  It actually slides over animal hair much better than it slides over human skin, which is fantastic.

This product does come in a protective fleece sleeve.  This sleeve is great for carrying it around, but also helps to hold the heat in while transferring the stone from the microwave if you are going to have any delay in using it.

I love my Synergy Stone and will be purchasing others in the future (I’ve got my eye on the Heat-Wave). To purchase the Blissful, you can check them out on Amazon here.