SmoothStride Riding Jeans Review

SmoothStride Knee Patch Jeans Review


I was fortunate enough to win a pair of riding jeans from SmoothStride in the Beat the Heat Sweepstakes with Trail Rider Magazine.  I had not heard of the company before seeing them in the giveaway, and didn’t really think much of winning them until I started communicating with Désirée, the owner and Marketing Manager of SmoothStride (an accomplished 3-Day rider and instructor).  

SmoothStride is around today after being revived by Désirée and her husband with a Kickstarter funding project.  This newly designed product is on the upswing and I expect to see these jeans popping up in tack shops in no time.SmoothStride Riding Jeans Review

I didn’t have a lot of expectations for these jeans.  I was not sure I would enjoy riding in them, but I was curious.  I don’t ride in jeans because I don’t like the seaming and I wear breeches or riding tights every day.  I also find jeans too hot on summer days.   After receiving these jeans, they quickly became a big part of my barn wardrobe for several reasons (they’re a big favorite on cooler days).  I cannot help but give SmoothStride a rave review!SmoothStride Riding Jeans Review

My favorite thing about these jeans is that the fit is impeccable.  I’ve never worn a pair of jeans, breeches or slacks that fit this well.  They are just stretchy enough to be comfortable and have absolutely no gaping in the waist.  They were also long enough for my overly long legs.  They also solve my major issue with “riding in jeans”…there is no inseam!  No chafing on the inner thigh whatsoever!SmoothStride Riding Jeans Review

My husband said “I like those better than your normal jeans.” and a rider at the barn asked if I had lost weight (I hadn’t).  Clearly these are very flattering on!

These jeans were made by fitting 45 different sized women in Désirée‘s home with a measuring tape.  With all of this fitting research a world famous pattern maker with 35 years of experience was able to pattern the perfect jean.  These fit me as if they were tailored for me, as nothing ever has (I’m rather hard to fit with a small, short waist, huge hips, and very long legs).

SmoothStride Riding Jeans Review

The Colt program is amazing.  If you aren’t’ sure what size you wear, you can order two different sizes, try them both on, and return the one you don’t want and SmoothStride pays the shipping.  This is genius!  It really makes you feel like you’re valued as a customer as well as eliminates that doubt “maybe I should have ordered a size smaller/larger.”  You know exactly what pair you want.SmoothStride Riding Jeans Review

They come in 3 different lengths, which is great (and rare). SmoothStride clearly wants to fit as many different bodies as they can and carry a wide range of sizes as well (no stopping at size 32 or 34 here like many riding breeches).  Their sizing is cute, being based on horse breeds/colors rather than a number (they include a size chart for measurements so you know what size you need).   They will most likely have a jean that fits you!

I love the soft micro-suede inside the waistband for extra comfort and the extended knee patch is perfect for many situations (I have worn them riding bareback (with and without a bareback pad), Western on the trail and schooling dressage).  They’re also comfortable for walking around and teaching lessons and doing chores all day.

SmoothStride Riding Jeans Review

The leg phone pocket is GREAT.  It has come in handy keeping my phone there while riding and not having to deal with a belt/phone holster.  The front pockets are also very spacious and actually useful (unlike most women’s jeans).  I have had more than a few parents ask me where I got them and if they make kid sizes because they think the phone pocket would help their child keep track of their phone better.

I am ready for SmoothStride to expand their line!  I want a skinny (more breech-like) style for both riding and with no knee patches to replace my everyday jean.  I would also love these in a white breech for showing (or any other color of the rainbow)!  I am completely sold on this company and their focus on fit and comfort as well as their customer service should be all they need to take over the riding jean market.

The only negatives to these is that the price is a bit high for jeans and the styling is a bit old looking.

If you want to purchase SmoothStride, they come in three different styles that you can purchase on their website.
– Knee Patch
– Full Seat
– Regular Riding Jeans

Decidedly Equestrian highly recommends these jeans (and you don’t need to be a Western rider to wear them) and I hope that the line expands in the future so I can try more of their products.