Absorbine Botanicals™ Natural Herbal Liniment Body Rinse Review

Absorbine Botanicals Body Rinse/CoolDown Review

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Note:  This product has been renamed CoolDown

Absorbine Botanicals Body Rinse is a product I have been using since it released…and of course it smells amazing, so that really helps it stay a staple in my tack box.  It’s a lush and relaxing horsey spa.  I have been tempted to use this on my own aches and pains…but the bottle says Animal Use Only…so I believe them.

A review of Absorbine Botanicals Body Rinse has to start with the basics.  It is a light liniment aimed to cool, refresh and relax your horse after exercise.  It includes herbs and essential oils to create that spa calm scent as well as aloe vera and arnica to cool and help with any lingering soreness.   It comes in a 8.5 oz bottle of concentrated formula (that 8.5oz makes 24 gallons of body rinse).  It’s is super economical.  Absoribine was even nice enough to include marks on the bottle to show exactly how much you need to use for every gallon of water (if only ALL concentrate products did this…).

I find that the smell of this product has a soothing effect on both horse and human and Champ really enjoys it.  I have used this product in two different ways: 1.  As a body rinse in a large gallon bucket that I sponge on and sweat scrape off for an all over cooling effect after work (especially on warm days).  2.  As a light spray on liniment/brace with or without wraps (I make it up and put it in spray bottles for this use).

It is a mild liniment (I’ve gotten plenty of it on my skin and it produces only a mild cooling effect).  No burning or intense cooling here, but because of that…it’s probably not the best choice for really sore spots.  It does not make his coat more likely to pick up dirt or shavings, so that’s a bonus and the smell lingers (yum).  I often use it as a pair with the Massage Foam (but that’s a review for another day).