Passier Lederbalsam Leather Conditioner Review

Passier Lederbalsam Review


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Passier Lederbalsam Leather Conditioner is just another of many in my leather care arsenal.  I’ve been using this product for several years and I feel that I am past due giving it a review.

This very thick balm is a bit sticky in texture, but smells divine.  I have discovered after a few different tests that it is best to apply this with a brush so that you don’t get too much on the tack.  It does soak into a sponge and you do lose a little product that way, but not much and you can easily buff extra into the leather from the sponge if you prefer that method of application.

My usual application method is 1. Clean Tack.  2.  Apply Passier Lederbalsam Leather Conditioner in a dust free environment (if I can swing it)  3.  Let the tack sit with a cover on it for at least a few hours to let it dry and soak in (I’ve left it on for days before and come back later) 4. Buff off excess with cloth and cover saddle.

I use this exclusively on saddles (no other tack).  It conditions VERY well and adds a lovely, rich shine.  It also handles scuff marks and discoloration fairly well and makes saddles look newer and more supple after use.  I love Passier Lederbalsam Leather Conditioner and it will continue to find a place in our leather care product stash.

Note Spring 2016:  I have stopped using this product in exchange for Effax Lederbalsam due to the recommendation of my saddle maker, but I still think it’s a stellar product.