Goode Rider Regal Show Shirt Review
8.5Overall Score

My experiences with Goode Rider have been great so far, so I never hesitate to consider their clothing when looking for something new.  The Goode Rider Regal Show Shirt caught my eye at Western States Horse Expo earlier this summer, and I had to buy one!  This is my review of this cute show shirt.

Goode Rider Regal Show Shirt Review    Goode Rider Regal Show Shirt Review    Goode Rider Regal Show Shirt Review

So far, this shirt has proven itself invaluable for summer shows.  It is nice enough to wear without a coat.  It removes the need for a stock tie, which is fabulous when it’s hovering near 100 degrees (or even 80 degrees), even if the look is somewhat less traditional.

It is made of two different fabrics, one is stiffer for the main body of the shirt.  The side panels are a more relaxed, stretchy material.  This allows the shirt to be fitted and smooth where it needs to be and relaxed and form fitting for figure flattery.  It is a very well designed shirt.

The fabric is not prone to stains and everything that we’ve gotten on it has washed out (boot polish, dirt, slobber, coffee, etc).  It has washed well and has had no issues with quality of seams or button stitches.

The shirt is rather short (and I have a very short torso), so tucking it in can be a little tricky (it doesn’t always want to stay tucked in).  That however is better than a shirt that is two long that bunches up under your breeches creating unsightly lines and lumps.

I love the Regal Show Shirt from Goode Rider and recommend it as a nice summer shirt to show in.