Ponytail Products Review

Ponytail Products Review


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I was fortunate enough to receive the entire line of products from Ponytail Products to review!  I have been eying this brand for some time but have some trouble finding it locally.  My first impression on opening the box is that I think that this is the best designed packaging I’ve ever seen.  The product labeling oozes luxury and sophistication with the elegant gold on black design.  If Mr. Gatsby was going to buy products for his horses, Ponytail Products would be the ones!  The quality of the bottles and sprayers was also impressive and I had no issue at all with leakage (which is amazing).  I feel a little bit fancier for having these products in my grooming box, so this is really some great branding!

Ponytail Products Review    Ponytail Products Review


The products created for the Ponytail Products line are made of high quality human grade ingredients.  Because of their care in developing their formulas, these products are safe and great for both horse and human usage.  I love that.

Here are my thoughts on the individual items in the line.

Ponytail Products Review Bubbles and Bucks

Bubbles & Bucks – This is a lovely shampoo.  It has a wonderful herbal smell that gets tons of compliments.  It is thinner than your average shampoo, but lathers great.  You don’t need as much as you think you do to get the job done.  I was impressed with how easy to rinse out it was.  It made hair SUPER soft and it gave a good shine.  It clearly cleaned and conditioned the coat extremely well.

I tried this out on my own hair too.  It gave me soft, bouncy hair and enhanced my waves.  It was moisturizing enough not to require a conditioner.  All in all this is a great shampoo for horse or human.Ponytail Products Review Ready to Roll

Ready to Roll – This spray moisturizer has a yummy fresh herbal mint smell that I loved.  I found this to be a nice moisturizer to top off the Bubbles & Bucks, though it’s not necessary because the shampoo is so wonderful.  It wasn’t sticky and didn’t appear to attract dirt at all.  I didn’t really like this on human hair as it seemed too heavy.  It is a nice product.

Ponytail Products Review Show Pony Shine

Show Pony Shine – This shine serum is a little different than most.  I expected this to be thicker and slimier…like others I’ve tried before, but this had a “barely thicker than water” consistency that actually made it easier to distribute evenly throughout the tail hair.  While it doesn’t detangle quite as well as some of the heavy synthetic serums out there, it does a fine job of it.  It leaves a beautiful shine.  It also has a lovely floral herb smell.  It did make every horse’s tail I tried it on look glossy and lush (but not greasy).  I think this is a great product that does outshine much of its competition.

Mane Stay – This might be my favorite product of the line and I will purchase this when I run out.  It has a fresh, green herbal smell.  It is a really solid braid spray that makes hair very sticky for braids and helps keep braids in place with all the hair tucked in great.  It actually managed to assist keeping braids in overnight (I never have success with this on Champ, but I always try it just in case so I can save time at the show grounds…this time it worked!).  These were the best braids I’ve ever managed to do (which still aren’t great…but I’m not showing hunters or FEI dressage right now…so who cares).  Even better, I never had issues with the sprayer…like I do with another big named braid spray.

Ponytail Products Review Trot The Spot

Trot the Spot –  This spot remover works pretty well.  I tested it on a mostly white paint horse a few times with good success.  It does struggle to get out really set in stains, but it takes out fresh ones in a jiffy (which is just what you need the morning of a show when you show up at the barn at 3:00AM only to find that despite being covered in a slinky and sheet and leg wraps, he’s still managed to ruin his bath from earlier in the evening).  This has the same smell as Bubbles & Bucks, a nice clean herbal scent.  I think this is a great product for last minute oopsies before shows.  This product probably won’t make it to my regular roster since the horse I show on is a liver chestnut with minimal white so I don’t usually use waterless shampoos, but I recommend it to anyone that has a horse with much white at all.

Ponytail Products Review Foam and Frolic

Foam & Frolic – I have to admit…this never made it to the barn.  This became a bathroom staple for me quickly.  The smell is amazing (a coconut/vanilla scent that’s not too tropical and not too sweet).  The sponge has just the right amount of exfoliation…and it’s cute!  I didn’t like this as a shampoo (it was a little too drying on my already dry hair), but I used it daily as a body wash.  It was not too drying on skin and took the barn smell right off.  It says 14+ uses for human…but I’ve been using it for almost two months and there’s still soap in it.  Love this product and I’ll be stocking my shower for years!