A Horse Box Review

A Horse Box Review – May – July 2015


My enthusiasm for A Horse Box has not wavered now for 9 boxes!  This subscription box has continued to impress and bring exciting products to try at the barn.  This review is for the May 2015, June 2015, and July 2015 boxes.  Enjoy peeking around at my haul!

A Horse Box May 2015 Review

A Horse Box – May 2015 (Total Value ~$43*)

Nickerbait – Ultimate Coconut Cookie (4 mini treats) – $2
Showsheen Detangler Gel – 4fl oz – $12
Hay Where’s That Winky Wash n Udder Stuff (2 bottles at 4 oz each). $10
Bio-Groom Golden Sheen Shampoo – 4 fl oz – $4 (guess)
Silverquine Wound Dressing Gel – 1.5 oz – $14.99
Sox For Horses – 15% off Coupon

May Box thoughts – I liked this box.  It is one of the higher value boxes this batch and it’s loaded with a ton of useful goodies.  I have a few notes marked on my account to customize what I get, so I was thrown an extra Winky Wash instead of an alternative item (which is great).  Champ loves Nickerbait (see our previous review here), so these were gone in less than a second.  This particular cookie smells amazing and I considered snacking on one myself!  The Silverquine Wound Gel is a handy item to have in my tack box for any minor issues.  The shampoo sample was nice, but nothing terribly exciting.  I was super happy to get a bottle of the new formulation of Showsheen Detangler Gel (smells yummy).  This box included a coupon for Horse Sox as well.

A Horse Box June 2015 Review

A Horse Box – June 2015 (Total Value ~$35*)

Mrs. Conn’s Bath Day Oatmeal Sponge – $10
Ecovet Fly Repellent 4 fl oz – $7.50
Showsheen Finishing Mist Spray Can 15 fl oz – $13.95
Feelgood Horse Treats 2 oz (4 treats) – $1
VetSet Cocoa Butter with Vitamin E .5oz – $2
Mrs. Conn’s Coupon 10% your first purchase

June Box thoughts – I was pretty darn excited about this box (despite it’s value being the lowest of the bunch).  It had a ton of products I had wanted to try (or already love).  I was over the moon about getting the sample of Ecovet (even though it wasn’t enough of a product to get a real read on it (I have a full review of Ecovet coming soon!).  I love Mrs. Conn’s sponges (see our review) and was super happy to get this one in our box.  The full sized Showsheen Finishing Mist Spray is awesome!  Champ liked the Feelgood horse treats.  I was intrigued by the VetSet cocoa butter…but I haven’t tried it yet.  I also got a Mrs. Conn’s coupon in this box (yay!).

A Horse Box July 2015 Review

A Horse Box – July 2015 (Total Value ~$47*)

Farnam DigestAid Synbiotic Paste 60cc tube – $16.95
Absorbine Ultra Shield Green Gel 2oz. – $9.95
Cowgirl’s Kitchen Cassino’s Kisses (2 cookies) – $2.00
Leather Honey Leather Cleaner Concentrated 4oz – $15.95
Hoofpick – $2.00
Leather Honey 10% off coupon
Farnam Products Coupons Book (over $200 in coupons)
Draper Therapies Coupon 15% off

July Box thoughts – I had to wait a whole week to open up this box (I was out of town on vacation), so the suspense was horrible!  I was more than happy when I opened up this box to find all of my new goodies.  I was most excited about the Leather Honey cleaner.  I’m pretty much obsessed with leather cleaners/conditioners…so trying another one helps feed that addiction.  I cannot wait to use it.  Champ loved the Cowgirl’s Kitchen cookies, however these are rather small and seem a bit overpriced for what you get.  There was a green hoofpick thrown in this box…which is great since that is one of my colors.  Also included was a 60cc tube of Farnam DigestAid paste and I am excited to try on a nervous belly (and I love that this paste can be used in small increments for maintenance doses).  Absorbine Ultra Shield Green Gel is in this box too, and I hope it works.  This box also included a metric ton of coupons (slight exaggeration) from Farnam, a Draper Therapies coupon and a Leather Honey coupon.

*Values are based on prices found online (mostly from Dover or Smart Pak…before sale mark downs).

All in all, I am still pleased with my subscription from A Horse Box.  My only real issue now is that I never get through stuff before the next box comes (and some products I’ve never had the need to use), so I’m gathering a real stockpile of stuff!  I have 3 more boxes left on my subscription, and that might be my last group of reviews.  I’m getting a bit overwhelmed with product, so I may need to take a break for a while!

You can purchase A Horse Box on their website here.