Majesty's Omega Wafers Review

Majesty’s Omega Wafers Review


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Champ is a pretty easy horse to keep.  He’s an easy keeper and gets fat on very little food (even in heavy work), he has never had shoes in his life, and he’s only been off three times in his 10 years (and all three due to bizarre circumstances).  Champ’s biggest problem (besides being a huge dork) is his skin.  He’s suffered from dry, itchy skin for years and had a dull coat.  I have added and subtracted so many things to his diet over the last several years to fix his problem with mixed results.  This past winter he even managed to lose literally half of his mane (it looked like someone took Nair to it…no joke).   I received Majesty’s Omega Wafers in our Heart To Horse Box several months back…and proceeded to buy more afterwards.  I’m now 3 months into using this product and this is my review.

This product comes in a resealable back and contains 60 wafers per bag (it’s around $20 a bag).  The wafers are the size of a large horse cookie.   Majesty’s Omega Wafers include flax seeds which provide Omegas 3,6 and 9.   There is also Biotin included in the wafers as well.  Omegas and Biotin support healthy hair, coat and hoofs and support the immune system.  Biotin also helps horses to metabolize various proteins, fats and carbs more efficiently (including the Omegas).  Omegas can also help decrease nervousness.   The wafers are made of rolled oats, flax flour and seed, molasses, apple, barley, corn meal, wheat bran and hulled millet.   You can feed up to two wafers a day (I only feed one).

Champ now gets this “cookie” (at least that’s what he thinks it is) in his grain/supplement ration every day.  It’s the first thing he gobbles up (bonus points for tastiness).  He’s now on month three of receiving this daily and I have another 5 months lined up in our feed room.

I’ve seen a couple of results.  He is less nervous…though I hadn’t expect that to be a real benefit of this product.  He used to be extremely spooky…and since he has been on this, the spooks have been limited and small most days.  This may be due to something training or something else, but I won’t rule out that the Majesty’s Omega Wafers have made a difference.

Majesty's Omega Wafers Review     Majesty's Omega Wafers Review

The difference to his skin is notable.   See these couple of photos for example (note that in both photos he was dirty and in need of a bath…photo two was the “before” photo for my Mrs. Conn’s trial).  The first photo of Champ was from last July while I was horse camping.  His skin was dry, full of dandruff, and his coat was very dull.  He scratched and rubbed a lot and did not have the look of a super healthy horse.  Fast forward one year…this horse has never had dapples.  At least he never had them until we added in the Majesty’s Omega Wafers.  His coat has really started to bloom and dapples have developed low on his hind quarters and low on his belly (you can see them a bit in the photo).  While his new supplement regimen including the Majesty’s Omega Wafers hasn’t totally solved 100% of his problems, it has improved everything by about 75 – 80%.  He has no more dandruff, supple skin and a shiny coat (though I am still having some issues with his tail…but it’s likely fly related).  I am super happy with the way these are working, and I will keep using them for Champ daily.

The price per wafer is right and it equals about $0.33 a day to feed this (sometimes you can find it cheaper…I just purchased some with a coupon that ended up at slightly less than $0.30 per day).    The handy resealable back is great to keep these from drying out and getting rock hard.  I have not encountered that problem at all.

You can buy Majesty’s Omega Wafers online here or at many online and local retailers.