Passier Bridle Cleaner Review

Passier Bridle Cleaner Review


My review of Passier Bridle Cleaner Review will be as quick as it takes to clean a bridle with it!  I purchased this item on a whim thinking that it might help me be more responsible cleaning bridles every time I ride.  I was intrigued by the spray idea and that the cleaner was supposed to be gentile enough to use often.  As with other Passier leather care products, it also smells yummy.

Passier Bridle Cleaner Review   Passier Bridle Cleaner Review   Passier Bridle Cleaner Review

After one use I loved it, after a few months of using it…I don’t think I’ll buy another cleaner again for my bridles (however I might want something else as backup because it is so pricey per oz).  It is incredibly easy and quick to use…just spray on the bridle, let it sit a few seconds, then wipe off with a sponge (or spray it on a sponge and apply to the leather that way (however I feel that you end up wasting more product that way saturating the sponge enough).  This stuff seems to really take off dust and dirt and has actually improved old schooling bridles to tip top shape.  The leather is super soft and supple, but not at all sticky.  I am impressed!  I am also proud to admit that since I started using this product, there is not one ride that has gone buy that I have not cleaned my bridle, reins, and leather halter before I left for the night.  It adds an extra perhaps…5 minutes…to my routine, but I think that it is well worth it to ensure longer life to my leather goods.

It is a little pricey at $23.00 for just less than 7 oz, however it’s well worth the exchange in time cleaning and extended life of tack in the long run.

Update Oct 2016:  I’m not as thrilled with this product as I once was, though I still buy it.  It does soften and improve leather quite nicely, but doesn’t clean as well as I wish it would.  Build up is a little hard to remove and I have had to start cleaning with another product.  I’ll have another review soon on a new product I’ve tried that I like a little more.