Mrs. Conns Review

Mrs. Conn’s Bath Day Review



Mrs. Conn’s is a going affair.  In the last year I’ve seen the shampoo filled sponges going from a brand new product with a small online reach to an ever growing explosion of awesome.  At first it was just online…then it was in a few local shops, and then a bunch of them.  Then I saw them at shows as prizes and in horse subscription boxes.  I contacted Mrs. Conn’s to see if they would send a sponge or two for a review…and boy am I  glad I did.

Mrs. Conns Review    Mrs. Conns Review

What I knew about Mrs. Conn’s sponges before I tried them:

– Shampoo pre-loaded, compostable sponges in cute flower shapes that would last several washes.
– The shampoo was created sans a lot of nasty ingredient (I wasn’t sure if they would work well or not…but was thrilled at the idea of something a little kinder on the environment and the horses’ skin).
– They were $10 a sponge, which seemed a little high when I can buy a concentrated bottle of really fancy shampoo for less than $20 (this turned out not to be a problem).
–  No buckets, curries, brushes, or diluting and splashing buckets of shampoo required (AWESOME).

I received three beautifully packaged sponges in the mail from Mrs. Conn’s (Herbal Tea, Fruit Smoothy and Desert Quencher).  Herbal Tea has green tea extract and tea tree oil to help heal and protect skin problems.   Fruit Smoothy has watermelon extract which helps smooth a stressed coat and skin.  Desert Quencher includes chaparral and sage to help treat skin problems and sooth irritated skin.   Mrs. Conn’s has a handy chart to help select the sponge that is best for your horse at the particular time, and for my first bath using Mrs. Conn’s, I selected the Fruit Smoothy (for: rough coat that lacks bloom, flat/lackluster coat, burnt/faded coat, yellow/green spots, dandruff and itchy allergy skin).  They each smell so yummy!

Champ has had all sorts of skin problems and is plagued with a dull/flat coat, dandruff and itchy skin.  The newest solution (that has been working) is a combo of several different coat supplements, rice bran, and Majesty’s Omega Wafers.  However, while helping his skin keep a healthy amount of oil in it and being much more shiny than he used to be…even when dirty…he never really hit the level of “gleaming.”Mrs. Conns Review

At least…he never did until the first bath with Fruit Smoothy that is.  I think the before and after photos speak for themselves.  I was also impressed at how white his previously stained sock turned out.  Awesome!

Mrs. Conns Review

I was sold on the results…

Before the beautiful results were obvious, I was sold on the application method.  I have for years enjoyed creating my own special custom shampoo/conditioner mixes from a variety of companies to suit the needs of the day/season.  The idea of losing that customization made me a little sad, but the ease of using Mrs. Conn’s far outweighed the loss.  I cannot begin to say how easy these are to use.  Wet horse, wet sponge, rub sponge on horse, and rinse.  Period.  Using this sponge cut our bath time down by a good 15 minutes to half an hour (yup!).  In a very bad drought situation here in California, I feel bad for bathing too often…however using these sponges cut my water use significantly and it did not take half as long to rinse as it does normally.  Hurrah!!  After a couple of baths, it is clear I still have plenty of shampoo left to do another bath or two.  The amount of time that these sponges save and the results on the coat make up for the price.  They are worth every penny of $10 a sponge.

Mrs. Conns Review   Mrs. Conns Review

Mrs. Conns Review








The problem of “what sponge to try next” was solved when I walked into the barn last week and Champ had rubbed the heck out of the top of his tail…and I groaned knowing there was a show in just a few weeks (after spending all spring growing out half of his mane…).  I sadly didn’t take a photo of it before I attacked the horror that was the hundreds of broken, frizzed out bits sticking out everywhere with spray conditioner.  I needed to use Herbal Tea…and I needed it now!  I assumed it was flies (they are terrible this year), and jumped on a regimen of tail washing and fly battling.

Mrs. Conns Review     Mrs. Conns Review

I was not sure how Mrs. Conn’s was going to work on a tail.  The first few times I used the Fruit Smoothy…I used another shampoo to do his mane and tail (sorry I did that now!).  I were not sure the soap application method was going to work well to get soap down to the skin on a thick tail.  Well I was wrong…again.  Not only was it easy to work in and easy to rinse out…it appears to have worked the trick.  Champ has not rubbed his tail since.  I’ve kept up washing his tail every couple of days with the sponge and it shows no sign of running out of soap.  I imagine that using it only for a tail…I may get upwards of 15 uses out of it.  This little powerhouse sponge is fantastic for treating trouble spots.  I need to purchase a few more to have them on hand for other horses.

All in all I was thrilled with everything about Mrs. Conn’s Bath Day sponges from start to finish and I hope they come out with more innovative products in the future.

You can buy Mrs. Conn’s sponges on their website and don’t forget to follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.  Use the code “fancy” for 10% off your order.