Heart To Horse Box Review March

Heart To Horse Box Review


After using another subscription box service for a while and enjoying the experience I looked at a few others on the market.  After a little research I decided to do a review of the Heart To Horse Box for March of 2015 due to its reasonable price point and how impressed I was with past boxes I had seen.

At a higher price point per subscription ($34.99 per box with free shipping), I was expecting more goods and a slightly different feel.  Unlike the Horse Box, this box seems geared towards a couple of higher ticket items that are not something you would buy again (halters, trimmers, brushes, socks, etc) and very little “trying of new products you might buy again.”  The coolest part about the Heart To Horse Box is that 25% of the proceeds go to a horse rescue.

I loved the packing of the Heart To Horse Box.  It was well organized and you could see everything included in the box at a glance and it was attractively presented.  It was wrapped in blue paper with the person that packed the box’s name on the sticker.  Nice touch.

Heart To Horse Box Review March

This is what came in the March Box

Majesty’s Omega Wafers – 60 day supply ($24.49)
Wahl Pocket Pro Trimmer ($18.95)
Roma Gel Mane and Tail Brush ($11.99)
Roma Curry Comb ($2.19)
Farnam Slick ‘N Easy Grooming Block ($3.94)
Dog Treat Sample (what if I don’t have a dog?)
20% Watherbetta Fly Sheets or Kool Coat Sheets
20% off Professional’s Choice Western and English Saddle Pads
10% off Wahl Clipper or Trimmer
15% off next order from Horse.com/StateLineTack.com

Total Value of Box (not including coupons) is $61.56 assuming nothing is on sale.

Knowing the weight of the box we received I am going to imagine that if I paid for this shipping, it would be somewhere around $13. Take out the donation and you really have a great deal here (assuming you like what came in your box).  I have mixed feelings about what came in the box.

I LOVE the Omega Wafers.  So cool and I cannot wait to try them.  Because they are a general supplement that will help skin, hair and hooves…every horse can benefit.  Great choice.  In fact, this might become a product I buy regularly if they work.

I think that the Pocket Pro Trimmer is a neat tool and pretty cool…however I am not sure how well it will work and if it will be worth dealing with.  I am excited to try it out for last minute touch ups before shows.

I have never used one of the Grooming Blocks before (though I see them all the time).  I am excited to try this product and see how it works.

I am less enthusiastic about the Roma Mane and Tail Brush and Curry Comb.  Why…because I have a mane and tail brush and several curry combs already.  These items are pretty much standard for horse owners so sending them in a box is odd.  Maybe if the box was geared towards new owners it would make more sense.  I suppose they’ll end up getting used by someone anyways…maybe I’ll give them to a kid at the barn.  I also would have liked it better if I had a color preference.  I would have preferred the pink, purple or green that Roma offers over the blue I received.

I think the coupons more or less useful depending on the sale currently going on on the sites (right now the sale on the saddle pads is actually greater than the coupon…so the coupon is useless).  The coupons do not work for the Heart To Horse Box, so that’s a bummer.

I like the Heart To Horse Box, but it’s not something I’d likely buy again.  The deals are good if you like what’s in the box, but when a few of the items are not really useful to you, it makes it a lot less interesting.  The fact that the coupons aren’t really useful is also kinda a turn off.  For $35 a month, it’s also a little more than I am willing to spend on a box of unknown stuff that I likely really don’t need.  I’d rather spend that $35 on stuff I do need.

So if you like getting surprises in the mail…go for it!  If you’d rather spend the money on something you need, then pass.  I hope our review of the Heart To Horse Box was helpful!