Artist Spotlight Sally Fuess - Belgian Express

Artist Spotlight: Sally Fuess

I am thrilled to present artist Sally Fuess in our current Artist Spotlight.  I encountered her work at the Draft Horse Classic in 2014 and was inspired by the energy and power she conveys in her paintings.  I am pleased to share with you a few of her paintings and a little bit about her.  Enjoy!


What is your favorite medium to work in?

I love oils for their lushness, buttery texture and versatility. I also love to draw, especially with ink.

How long have you been painting?

I took my first oil painting class in 1995 and have been hooked ever since.

Artist Spotlight Sally Fuess - Working It

How did you become an artist?

I was the kid who always doodled and never stopped. Doodling led to art classes which led to more art classes between science classes (Biology major) and now workshops.

How did the horse become one of your primary subject?

I always loved to draw horses but Rosa Bonheur’s painting, The Horse Fair really inspired me to paint horses, especially draft horses. Equine sculpture has also been a huge influence, especially The Horses of St. Mark in Venice, Todd Andrew’s The Gentle Giant and most Renaissance equestrian sculpture.

Artist Spotlight Sally Fuess - Broad Shoulders

What is your creative process? 

Ideally, I start with sketches from life and photos for reference. Then I do a ton of small studies for composition and to get a feel for the piece. Finally, I paint.

How do you describe your artistic style?

Loose realism.

Artist Spotlight Sally Fuess - Majestic

Tell us a little bit about the most important horses in your life.

Kisci, my Thoroughbred mare was an incredible friend, humbling training partner and a brilliant ride. I have driven some really nice draft horses which is always thrilling and really fun experience. Secretariat in the 1973 Belmont Stakes- heroic and awe inspiring. 


You can learn more about Sally and check out more of her artwork on her website.