Joules Polo Review

Joules Polo Shirts Review


Joules is a UK based company that makes beautiful things.  I love their floral prints and cheeky color choices and would love a pair of wellies from them (but it really doesn’t rain enough here to warrant buying any when our DAV ones are working just great).

Last summer I decided I wanted to upgrade my day to day look at the barn with some new polo shirts and settled on trying out one from Joules.  One quickly turned into 4 (with another 3 in the mail).

The reason that my polo collection from Joules has gone from 1 to 7 (despite their relatively high price), is that they’re simply awesome.

Joules Polo Review Joules Polo Review Joules Polo Review Joules Polo Review

Style wise, they’re gorgeous.  They’re made with quality craftsmanship and materials and include tons of details that make them special (buttons, velvet and ribbon, embroidery and contrast color collars).  Each one feels special and unique (even though it isn’t).  You can find them in various prints (stripes, floral, horses, etc), solid colors, and in polo uniform styles with numbers and all.  There’s something for everyone.  The slim fit makes them more flattering than many polo shirts on the market. They retain a traditional look with sturdy cotton fabric in a world of synthetics (which while awesome for athletic endeavors, are not that attractive).

The best part about them is the way they wear.  The do not make you hot in the summer, even on super warm days.  They are light, but durable.  The fabric is soft, comfortable, and perfect for long days at the barn.  They do not stain easily (even the white) and stand up to washing and drying very well with just a tiny bit of fading (the brown Mary King one is sun-bleached on the shoulders, not faded from the wash).

December 2016 Update:  These original shirts are still wearing like iron after heavy duty use (though there is some fading on a couple of them).  I also have to admit I bought a handful more (I’m up to 11 now) and these are still my go-to every day barn shirt in the warmer months.  Love Joules!