A Horse Box Review

A Horse Box Review Nov 2014 – Jan 2015

Interesting Products

I decided a few months back to continue our A Horse Box subscription for a little longer (because three months really isn’t enough to judge too much).  This is my second review of A Horse Box and this one reviews the November 2014, December 2014 and January 2015 boxes.  I kicked our subscription up to 6 months which dropped the cost to $17 a month.  They’re still not charging for shipping (so that’s great).

In my first review, I was a little critical of some of the boxes and was not really all that happy about the feed samples each month.  For our first three boxes, I was a little let down in what we received and had some timeliness issues with some of the products sent.  They promised to not send any more feed (and double up on treats) if any other feed samples were to come.   I have no issues any longer (so speak up if you don’t want something particular in your box)!

I have been more than pleased with these three boxes.  Each has introduced exciting products I had not heard of before, contained a good amount of samples (in the case of December and January…quite sizable samples of a couple of products).

A Horse Box November 2014 Review

Horse Box November 2014 (total value $30.74)
Omega Alpha Gastra-FX 4 oz + Syringe ($8.75)
Bio-Groom Quick Clean Waterless Shampoo 4oz ($4)
Enjoy Yums Mint – 10 cookies ($3)
Mane-ly Long Hair Polisher Protector Detangle and Shine ($2)
Stayons Poultice Hoof Wraps ($12.99)

The November 2014 box included 3 products I had never heard of before, 1 that I had heard of but not tried, and one that I am familiar with.  I was excited to receive the Bio-Groom Waterless Shampoo, Mane-ly Long Hair Polisher and the Stayons.  I had not heard of any of these products before and was thrilled to try them.  Each one is useful for any horse and not specific to any particular need or issue (what horse doesn’t need a foot wrapped from time to time?).

While every horse person has their own go-to products, it’s great to try new ones and test the effectiveness against what you already use.  I had heard of Omega Alpha (from the October box), but did not actually have a horse to try that product on.  I shared the love and gave this sample to a trainer that has a horse with gastric issues to try.  Enjoy Yums is a product I am very familiar with and I was glad to see their treats in this box.  I was happy with the November box and couldn’t wait to get the next one.

A Horse Box December 2014 Review

Horse Box December 2014 (total value $46)
Omega Alpha Sinew-X (16oz) ($25)
Vetericyn Wound and Skin Care (2oz) ($9)
Hilton Herbs Mud Defender Lotion (sample size) ($2)
Hilton Herbs Mud Defender Coat and Skin (sample tub) ($2)
Hilton Herbs Herballs (6 treats) ($3)
Pony Pizza Company (4 Holiday themed treats) ($5)
A Horse Box drawstring Bag
$5 Coupon for Pony Pizza Company
$100 off Saddle Lockers Coupon
Free bottle of Vetericyn offer card

The December 2014 box included a large sample, three products from a company I didn’t know, some adorable treats and a popular wound treatment.  I was thrilled to death when I opened this box and saw the large bottle of Omega Alpha Sinew-X.   I love that the sample is large enough to maybe see a bit of results.  The Pony Pizza Company treats were just adorable and added a festive flair to the box.  I have seen Vetericyn Wound and Skin Care around, but have not tried it so I am excited to have that the next time someone decides to do something dumb.

The last three samples were from Hilton Herb.  I had not heard of this company before and was interested to try it out.  The samples include some herbal treats, Mud Defender supplement and Mud Defender lotion.  I think these products are cool, and if our winter was as wet as it should be, these products would have been awesome (darned drought).  These products are super timely for this time of year.  I am sure that I’ll find something to use the lotion on anyways (as mentioned previously), someone’s going to do something dumb and there’s going to be scabs involved.

This box also came with a couple of coupons (which is always nice) and a fantastic A Horse Box drawstring bag.  I’ve been using it to haul stuff back and forth to the barn and love it.  I loved this box the most of any I had received up to this point (until I got the December box).

A Horse Box January 2015 Review

Horse Box January 2015 (total value $106.40!)
Red Cell Competition Supplement (10.6 oz) – 30 day supply ($59.95)
Red Cell recovery Paste – (60 g syringe) ($16.95)
Omega Alpha Chill (120ml) ($7)
Charleigh’s Cookies (3 cookies of varying sizes) ($1.50)
Silly Sounds (two sets, one in Pony and one in Horse size) ($12 and $9)

There is an incredibly high value on the January 2015 box and several products I actually wanted to try out.  I have been eying Charleigh’s Cookies for a few months now and am happy to have a few to give to Champ.  The Omega Alpha Calm is super awesome.  Champ is a lookie-loo and enjoys a good spook (at nothing in particular at times), I am excited to try this out and see how it goes.  I only wish that it was as big a bottle as the Sinew-X (a girl can dream right :P).

The Silly Sounds ear plugs are also similarly awesome.  I was thrilled to get a light pink in horse size (as liver chestnut Champ looks awesome in baby pink).  They were nice enough to also send a pony pack since I have a couple of Welsh’s in my barn too.

The last two products are both from Farnam’s Red Cell line.  Red Cell Competition Supplement and the Red Cell Recovery Paste.  This is a full 30 day supply of the supplement, so you’ll actually see it start to work (amazing)!  This is a high value item (it retails for somewhere over $45 – depending where you buy it). Wow!  They also threw in the Recovery Paste which will be fantastic after a show, hard work session or long trail ride. This box is AWESOME.  It is the best box so far and is super relevant to Champ and my barn, not to mention the crazy value on it.  I felt like this box was specially tailored for me!


Thoughts on A Horse Box Revised

After receiving A Horse Box for an additional three months I’ve revised some of my initial disappointments.  I have been incredibly happy with the last three boxes.  The value is high (significantly higher than the first three boxes), the products are interesting and timely, and they have catered to me a bit by removing feed samples from my box.  I am super happy.  I have no complaints about these three boxes at all, and as a bonus I love carrying around the A Horse Box bag from the December box.

I highly recommend A Horse Box off of this second 3 month review.  I think that maybe the first three months might have just been a lull for them and I am looking forward to what next month will bring.  I’ll be back again to review February 2015 – April 2015 in a few months.

To purchase a subscription of A Horse Box, you can go to their website. Visit them on Facebook to see spoilers (yay!) for upcoming box products.