DAV Quilted English Rain Boots

DAV Quilted English Rain Boots Review


I love DAV and this is a review of my favorite boots from them.

Simple in construction, these gorgeous rubber boots have a beautiful quilted styled top, a faux leather trim, a sparkly black finish (yes there’s actual glitter in the rubber), heavy duty tread that wears slowly, a spur rest and a soft interior.  They also have nice faux stitching molded into the rubber.

These boots have held up to heavy use quite well and have been super handy in rain and mud.  They’re extremely easy to clean.  They have not split on a seam as every other pair of rain boots I’ve ever regularly used.   They are not overly stiff so they’re easy to walk in.

They are great for every day wear (I’ve gotten tons of compliments on them), but are also sturdy enough for working around the barn.  I’ve also ridden in these several times with good results (but of course the rubber offers little to no protection from a horse stepping on your foot, so I don’t recommend these as riding boots).

My two big issues with these are typical for any rubber boot.  They get hot and don’t breathe well.  If it is cold they are fine to wear, but if it is warm and raining it’s a less pleasant experience.  The insole is not very supportive for anyone that needs extra arch support or padding, but I find that pretty standard in rain boots.

The calves tend to run narrow to average.  If you have an athletic calf, or are a little on the larger side of life, these might not fit.

Update May 2017:  These are still going strong!