Irideon Cadence Breeches Review

Irideon Cadence Breeches Review


I have tried the Irideon Cadence Breeches in both knee patch and full seat and experienced the wear of various colors so I thought it was time for a review.  I have been using these for many years and love them.  The material is stretchy and supportive, without being constrictive.  They are comfortable and I’ve never had any issues with chafing or irritation, especially in the knee patches.  I have a full rotation of several pairs (mostly knee patches), and while I do have a few pairs with some holes, they are in good shape for the most part.  My oldest pair is a bit stretched out and has lost the supportive nature of the fabric, but they’re still wearable.  The knee patches on my two oldest pairs are in rough shape, but still good enough to use.  I love the knee patches in the summer as they are very cool and comfortable.

The full seats are very nice, but a bit more restrictive (as full seats usually are).  I recommend ordering a size up and if you’re legs are a bit longer than average, make sure to order the talls/longs.  That will be a blessing in avoiding the saggy crotch when walking.  The full seat is super grippy.  It really helps stick you in the saddle and is more comfortable while riding than walking (which is as it should be I think for full seat).   The full seat doesn’t have any fabric under it, so when it wears out, there’s no saving them, because your bum is hanging out.

Update 2016:  The seat wore out!  Multiple holes.  The fabric just started to disintegrate on our full seats and I noticed a number of holes after I got back from a ride one day.  I’m down to three pair of these breeches…two pair of show breeches and a black schooling pair of knee patches.  The rest have all worn out and been discarded, so the lifetime on these breeches is probably around 1.5 years of regular wear/washing.

The best part about the material, is that it helps hides some imperfections that are fairly normal for women (the darker colors do that is)…that aren’t blessed by still being teenagers.  Yup, I am talking about lumps and bumps and fat and cellulite.  This fabric does a wonderful job disguising some of my least perfect spots, which is fabulous.  It’s not going to make them disappear, but it does help compress, support and disguise those areas I don’t want to showcase.  For that reason alone, I recommend them.  They also have a nice high waist.  The high waist has a benefit pair or hourglass/pear shaped riders as they sit at the natural waist and keep you from getting plumber crack which can easily be a problem with low rise breeches.   I love that these come in regulars and talls, as that is also a blessing for the long legged.

I have shown in the lighter tan color and white and they looked great.  They did not stain easily, and that’s awesome.  The tan is a little less flattering, but the white are fairly flattering for white breeches.

These are machine washable and hold up well with regular use and washing.  They can easily snag and catch on wood or other splintery items (like pantyhose do) and it’s not hard to tear small holes in them, but they’re easily hand stitched up and my repairs have lasted 6 months or so before the stitching starts to fail on the material.

These are hard wearing breeches that are great for every day schooling and long trail rides, but are also attractive enough for showing.  I recommend them.