Sportique Joint and Muscle Gel and Warming Up Oil bottles for review.

Sportique Products Review


Today I’m reviewing something for the humans; Sportique Warming Up Oil and Joint and Muscle Gel.

The first and most important thing I can say about this company is that they have spectacular customer service.  I received a sample size product of theirs that didn’t work out well (turns out some people have issues with Shea Butter…who knew!).  After contacting the company,  I was shortly contacted by the CEO of Sportique.  She brought it to my attention that the Shea Butter was likely the problem and offered to send me a sample of another product or two to try out that didn’t include Shea.

A few days later a box showed up with two full sized Sportique products.  I was sold right away by the company’s dedication to showcasing their product and insuring that their potential customers had a good experience.  So before I even get to the product review, I give Sportique Brands a huge thumbs up for standing by their products.

Their insistence in creating a good customer experience pays off in two ways.  The first is letting the customer know that they are the most important.  The second is that the products are so good that sending out free products guarantees they will have more purchases in the future.  The products are made of quality ingredients (they have NO sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), sodium laureth sulfate, ammonium lauryl sulfate, petrochemicals, parabens, diethanolamine or synthetic fragrance), come in eye catching packaging, smell nice, and many are Vegan safe.

I’ll start with the Warming Up Oil – which was my favorite.  It is a base of jojoba, soybean and a few other oils.  It has capsicum, ginger, clove, yarrow, matricaria flower, and comfrey leaf.  This is a pre and post exercise massage oil with a subtle warming and stimulating effect on muscles.  As a massage oil, application requires rubbing it in which aids in blood circulation and helps to counteract fatigue from hard exercise.

I love this product because it smells wonderful (spicy clove), it has a wonderful texture on application and is great for massaging muscles or joints, has a great bottle and application method, has fantastic ingredients, and it doesn’t get TOO hot like so many embrocation products.  It has just a slight warming, which is perfect.  I’ve mostly used this on ouchy parts after exercise and on our wrist which is a problematic injury.  The oil soaks in quickly and doesn’t leave an oily mess of a finish.  Capsicum, ginger and clove can be very warming and irritating to the skin, but Sportique has reached a perfect balance.  Comfrey leaf helps heal bruises while matricaria flower helps reduce inflammation.  I use this regularly and will be purchasing more when I run out.  It feels wonderful on achy muscles and soft tissue injuries.

The Joint and Muscle Gel is quite a bit different in smell and texture.  It comes in a squeeze bottle and is a true gel.  It is a little sticky on initial application.  It has a spicy/pine/woody smell.  It’s not quite as pleasant to me as the Warming Up Oil, but I don’t particularly like tree smells…so that is what it is.  This product was developed to aid in soothing muscle soreness and joint discomfort.  It is formulated with arnica, ginger, pine and clove.  It also contains scutellaria, an extract that is supposed to release endorphins and calms nerves.  The ginger and glove leave just a very subtle warming (less than the Warm Up Oil) and much less than I expected.  I use straight arnica quite often on several injury points, so having this product include is a plus.  It doesn’t seem to help my achy muscles as much as the Warm Up Oil, but that’s probably I don’t massage it in like the oil.  The texture doesn’t lend much towards massage.  It does help with joint pain and stiffness and I like to put it on and let is soak in.  My only issue with this one is that I don’t really like the smell (which is totally subjective…I know many would love the smell) and the texture is a bit sticky initially.  I still like it and think it’s a quality product and would buy it.

You can get more information on Sportique and purchase these two products on their website.  Please feel free to use the code HorseBox14 for 10% off your online purchase of $25 or more.