Effax Leather Balm review

Effax Leather Balm Review


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The first time I saw the Effax products I was drawn to them because they look so different.  It’s not the most attractive packaging, but it catches the attention.  The moment I smelled the products, I was sold.  Even if they didn’t work well, I’d probably still buy them because they smell so good.  Really good.

The Effax Leather Balm is a solidified oil.  That’s the best texture description I can give.  It’s not as vaseline-like and super sticky as some other leather balms I’ve used.  It melts in your hands into a more of a cream.  It comes in a plastic tub that is a fairly high quality plastic.  No issues there.

I like this particular leather balm because it seems to really soak into the leather.  It doesn’t just sit on top and create a sticky coating for every bit of dirt and hair in the barn to stick to immediately like other balms I’ve used (though it does attract some).  It does create a slightly tacky texture.  It leaves a nice finish, buffed or not.

I have used this on numerous items of tack, both well taken care of stuff…and blatantly ignored, dried out and dirty items.  It works great on tack that is already well cared for, but doesn’t really make a noticeable improvement on the condition except to keep it supple.  For items that have been a little less loved (like the hundreds of items donated to horse rescues) it works wonders.  It can really bring back suppleness and life to old leather.  It was able to bring back several items that I thought would not be salvageable.  On really bad items, I prefer using this to a normal oil as it works quite a bit better at bringing back the bend to items long stiff (I actually always prefer using this to a normal oil, but sometimes oil is just financially the way to go when you’re working with a rescue organization).  Plus…it smells way better.  It doesn’t smell like meat… or chemicals.

Tucker Saddle pre Effax leather balm. Tucker Saddle with Effax Leather Balm

In the gallery you can see a photo of a saddle after cleaning but before the balm.  The last photo is after the balm is applied.  It is easy to see that it adds a little shine, but the suppleness isn’t as easy to show on camera.  You’ll just have to believe me.

I love the Effax Leather Balm and recommend you try it for yourself (or at least go to the store and smell it).