Nicker Bait Review

Nicker Bait Review


This review is given second hand…as the horses don’t really talk to me to let me know their opinions…however I have a pretty good idea of their thoughts on these treats.

I have tried Peppermint Passion, Fruit Cake, Candy Corn and Crush’s Heavenly Crunch.  With the exception of the Fruit Cake flavor, these treats have been a success for Spice, Champ, Titan (and several others that have sampled their deliciousness).

Titan was a bit of a picky eater.  He LOVED the Crush’s Heavenly Crunch (and would beg for them) and liked the Peppermint Passion.  He was less enthusiastic about the Candy Corn.  He hated the Fruit Cake and would spit it out.

Champ loves ALL of these treats.  He’s incredibly excited about getting them and will do just about anything to get one.  I recently tried teaching him to bow with one of these treats.  By the second try his face was on the ground.  After we were done with our session I left him in his stall and he started bowing all on his own trying to get more treats to magically appear.  He’s incredibly motivated by Nicker Bait.  He gladly took any Fruit Cake ones that Titan didn’t want as well (as did many other horses in the barn).

Spice has never turned one away.  He loves them all.

Make sure that you use these treats fresh if you want them soft.  If you want them to be a little more long lasting, we suggest putting them in with some dry treats to keep the moisture down and prevent mold (these treats can mold if left sitting in the wrong environment just like any food with moisture content).

All in all these treats are great for motivating and rewarding your horses.  I wouldn’t necessarily recommend the large Nicker Bait treats for ponies or horses with insulin/weight issues.  The Love Bites are much more appropriate for them.  The price is a little higher than I generally like to spend for the number of treats per weight, but these are very high quality “special” treats.  When you buy in large quantities, the value is much more reasonable for most budgets.